December 2021 - Impact Electrical and Security Systems
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December 2021

Why Use a Professional Intruder Alarm Installer in Bedfordshire?

People come up with all kinds of reasons to install their own intruder alarm; here’s just a few we hear regularly: “Fitting your own intruder alarm makes sense. You save on the cost of professional installation, a bit of DIY never did anyone any harm, and you can do it on your own timetable.” All well and good, until you switch around to the intruder’s perspective… “Love it when you get a DIY job. 9 times out of 10 the control panel’s exactly where you expect it to be so you can switch it off before anyone’s the wiser. And even if you can’t, it won’t be linked up to the police, so there’s no worry.” So, if you’re thinking that a professional intruder alarm installer in Bedfordshire might be a waste of money, here’s 5 reasons to think again.