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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Home CCTV

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Home CCTV

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Home CCTV

Home CCTV Mistakes to Avoid

CCTV cameras can be installed inside or outside your property, offering you complete coverage of your home. CCTV is also a significant deterrent when it comes to intruders. The vast majority of opportunistic burglars will pass by properties with CCTV guarding their property.

The good news is that it’s never been easier to buy and install CCTV cameras for the home. What’s missing when you buy your home CCTV kit though, is guidance for setting it up so it will do the job it’s designed for efficiently. That’s why the Impact team in Bedfordshire has come up with 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Home CCTV.

1. Positioning CCTV Cameras Within Reach

If your CCTV cameras are installed without you needing to use a ladder, then they’re too low. An intruder can easily spray paint over the camera or reposition it, if it’s within easy reach. They’re far less likely to take the time to find a ladder, or bring one with them. Always think from the burglar’s perspective when installing home CCTV.

2. Buying Budget Cameras

It may seem like a bargain in the store, but budget cameras can prove useless once you’ve got them installed. CCTV cameras need a number of features to be able to offer effective security and coverage:

  • Flexible video resolution. Less-than-perfect wi-fi connectivity means that your camera won’t always be able to offer perfect resolution. The flexible system prevents the image quality from being too degraded.
  • Night Vision. The majority of crimes occur in the dark, so night vision is a must!
  • Two Way Audio. Allowing your internal CCTV to double as an intercom.
  • Field of View. Make sure your camera provides a wide-angle lens as well as more focused coverage.

3. Choosing the Wrong Locations

Intruders know how to spot vulnerabilities, or blind spots in the area around your property. For your CCTV to be effective, you need to know what these are. Ground floor windows, and back doors are popular entry points for intruders, so these should be covered. You should also think about wide-angle coverage of fences, or particularly dark areas of the garden.

4. Cameras Aren’t Working

It’s tempting to think that once you’ve completed installation your security is sorted. External CCTV cameras are subject to all kinds of wear and tear, so they need to be regularly checked. It could be that weather events have created visual obstructions, or that connections have worked loose as a result of rain or wind.

5. They’re Breaking Data Privacy Law

Data privacy isn’t just for websites and email; it also applies to the collection of images on CCTV. There are a number of regulations around positioning of cameras, signage and storing of video. The ICO offers guidance, but an SSAIB approved CCTV installer will be able to ensure that your CCTV system is fully compliant.

6. No After-Sales Care

Many of the jobs Impact gets called out to are problems with CCTV that doesn’t offer any after-sales service. Check whether this is available when you buy. Alternatively, you could get your system professionally installed and know that if there are any problems, you can simply call the installer and get if fixed promptly.

“Dean visited us on the same day as the initial enquiry to investigate and explain what was required with his team on site days after to complete the job quickly and smoothly. On time, on budget, friendly and left us with a smile on our face Thanks guys!”


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