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Access Control Bedford

Access Control Bedford

Access Control Bedford

Impact Provides Access Control in Bedford

Bedford’s a great place to do business. It enjoys a central location with easy access to London, Birmingham and Leicester, and yet it’s small enough to enjoy a vibrant and diverse business community. The sheer range of businesses is dazzling, from start-ups to SMEs to Charles Wells brewery and the Kier Group.

The Need for Access Control in Bedford

One common factor shared by all these business is their need to manage access both to and throughout their business premises. Many business owners we speak to think access control systems are all about security. In fact, many of the clients we’ve worked with tell us that access control has provided a range of benefits to their business, including:

  • Security. This is a major concern for the Bedford businesses we speak to. Where entry to the premises is unmonitored, access becomes a major vulnerability. Access control in Bedford ensures that entry is controlled and business owners or security guards can check exactly who’s on the premises, via mobile or computer, at any time.
  • Reduces Internal Theft. Access control systems can automatically open and lock the premises at set times of the day. This controls the periods when employees can access the building, which reduces the potential for theft. This kind of system also removes the responsibility for keeping doors locked from employees, ensuring better internal security.
  • No More Keys. This may sound like a minor issue, but for many building managers it’s a major headache. If you employ over 10 employees the issuing and retrieval of keys is an ongoing, time-consuming process. And if an employee leaves without returning a key, the cost of replacing locks can make it an expensive vulnerability.
  • Controlled Entry Throughout the Building. Many of the Bedford premises we visit need to control access not only to the site as a whole, but also to specific areas within the building. Access control systems allows you to manage the flow of employees throughout the premises, and restrict entry to highly secure stores, or archives.

How Does Access Control in Bedford Work?

Impact Electrical and Security Systems engineers installs a range of different types of access control for Bedford businesses, dependent on their specific requirements. The most common are card access control systems. These use a magnetic strip which is swiped through a mounted reader. Where a higher level of security is required, we install biometric readers which use fingerprint access. The key-code access control system requires employees to punch in a unique code to gain entry.

Impact Provides Bedford Security Systems for Businesses

Impact is an experienced access control company which works with businesses across Bedford to create a secure environment. Our skilled and experienced installation experts can advise you on the system that will work best for your business, and design a security system integrating CCTValarms and security lighting which offers total piece of mind for owners and commercial building managers.

Thinking of installing access control in Bedford businesses? Impact Electrical & Security Systems offers detailed advice and skilled installation. Call us today on 01234 889038