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Access Control Installation Bedfordshire

Access Control Installation Bedfordshire

Access Control Installation Bedfordshire

A Guide to Access Control Installation in Bedfordshire

For hundreds of years businesses have maintained their physical security using lock and key. This traditional approach has lasted for so long because the technology was trusted. Now, however, the way businesses operate and the items they need to keep secure requires a different approach. The lock and key is no longer fit for purpose, and digital security provides the best alternative solution.

Impact Electrical and Security Systems works with businesses on access control installation across Bedfordshire. In this blog we provide a guide to the process, including the benefits, types of access control and configurations available dependent on the size and complexity of your premises.

How Does an Access Control Installation Secure Your Business?

There are 5 security benefits to switching from traditional to digital access control:

  1. Premises Wide Control. Keys were fine when there was one main entrance and exit. Now, however, businesses are more likely to have 4-5 ways to access the building. Access control streamlines this process using just one means of entry. So there’s no need to carry loads of keys, or smart cards; the system does the security work for you.
  2. No More Lost Keys. If an employee loses a key, or forgets to hand it in when they move to their next job, the security of the business is compromised. With access control in Bedford it’s really simple to change a pin number, or cancel an access card if it’s compromised, or lost. A centralised system makes security simpler.
  3. Goodbye to Access Headaches. No matter how complicated your access restrictions are, there is no limit to the controls your access system can handle. If you want to restrict entry to a certain area, therefore, you simply maximise the authentication requirements for individuals to ensure they can enter but others can’t. This can be done on a job role basis.
  4. Automated Access Logs. With an access control system, you’ll know who’s in the building, when they entered and at what time they left. This means that you can keep track of visitors. And if there’s a security breach, you can easily check who has accessed the area within the given time of the theft.


Different Types of Access Control Systems

Installing access control in Bedfordshire means assessing the needs of our clients, and providing them with a system appropriate to those needs. Access Control comes in 3 basic operating models. Discretionary Access is the simplest, comprising a panel at the main entrance requiring a card or keycode. Mandatory Access networks each of the doors in the building, so they’re controlled centrally and require specific credentials for entry. Role Based Access Control provides access based on your job role access requirements.

Which Access Control System is Right for Your Business?

The Impact Electrical and Security Systems team can offer detailed guidance and recommendations on the appropriate access control system for your business. We operate across Bedfordshire, and promise a prompt response to your enquiry. Our goal is always first and foremost to ensure the security of your premises, your goods and your employees.

Would you like to talk to a security specialist about access control installation for your Bedfordshire business? Call the Impact team today on 01234 889038