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SSAIB Approved Contractor for Bedfordshire, Installing Access Control, CCTV, Security Lighting & Alarms
Access Control

Protect your property from theft by restricting access

Access control provides businesses with the option to allow or deny access on their premises. Electronic locking devices deter would-be burglars, and protect employees from intruders. It works by punching a password into a keypad, or through the use of electronic tokens. This flexible system allows specific areas to be restricted, or accessible, only at certain times during the day. Security is maintained by changing the password regularly, or cancelling tokens when employees leave.


Access Control Design

Impact Electrical & Security Systems can advise you on the access control system that will suit your needs. Every business has unique requirements when it comes to restricting entry. We can help you to work out how many doors will need keypads, or card readers. Consideration also needs to be given to the ‘permissions’ operating on each of the areas within the building, and ongoing monitoring and management of the system.


Access Control Management

An access management system gives you the means to control your building in the way you require. It doesn’t do the controlling for you. If you have a security guard whose job it is to monitor the building, you may wish to control your access system using a single computer. Alternatively, you might want to consider using a mobile app which allows select people to have instant access and the ability to close down the building if necessary.


Access Control With CCTV Integration

Some access control systems allow for the integration of CCTV surveillance. This means that each time a card is scanned, for example, the camera activates to provide a documented image of the entrant. It’s easy to see the advantages of this kind of technology, especially if you have an area which you know is of particular interest to criminals. If you decide that CCTV would enhance your security, it’s economically beneficial to install it at the same time as your access control system.

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