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Alarm Receiving Centre

Alarm Receiving Centre

Alarm Receiving Centre

Impact Provides a Local Alarm Receiving Centre

What happens if your intruder alarm goes off when you’re away from the property or premises? It’s one of the big decisions that home or businesses owners have to make when they’re fitting alarm systems. There’s the 2 options they can choose between:

  • Bells Only Alarm. It rings for around 20 minutes when triggered, and requires a phone call to the police for them to attend.
  • Alarm Receiving Centre. The installation is linked to a security company that will monitor the property. If the alarm is triggered they will contact emergency services.

What is an Alarm Receiving Centre?

It’s a monitoring station which is manned 24 hours a day, every day of the year. ARC teams monitor a range of signals, from fire alarms, to intruder alarms, to personal alarms used by elderly people at home. Once an alarm activation is received, the team identify the activation and contact the relevant emergency services. An alarm receiving centre will also monitor CCTV systems.

Is an Alarm Receiving Centre Worth the Extra Cost?

It is when you consider the cost for businesses of keeping someone on site, monitoring the alarm systems day and night. An ARC provides business owners and homeowners with the peace-of-mind that a team is managing their security 24/7. That’s hard to put a price on! If the alarm should go off, appropriate action will be taken immediately, and the threat of theft, vandalism or arson is minimised.

Impact Provides Monitored Alarm Systems

Our aim at Impact has always been to provide our Bedfordshire customers with comprehensive electrical and security services. We’re now delighted to be considered their ‘local electrician’ by growing numbers of customers. We’re also a trusted provider of intruder alarms, domestic and commercial CCTV, security lighting and access control.

Recently Impact took the business decision to enhance our security offering by providing an alarm receiving centre to our customers across the county. Our team are trained and accredited to ensure that they are alert to the range of responses they may need to take, and ready to make appropriate decisions fast when alarms are triggered.

Thumbs Up From Local Customers

We’re happy to report that this extension of our services has proved popular with Impact customers. When trying to decide whether to go with a monitored alarm system, or a bells only version, it really helps to be able to explain exactly how the process will work for them. Goes to show that local security can win out against the larger, more faceless services on offer.

Businesses Working With Impact Electrical and Security Services

If you’re a local business looking for a security installer you can trust, call Impact. We won’t keep you hanging around for weeks; the Impact team respond fast. The first thing we do is check out your existing security system. Where there are vulnerabilities, we’ll suggest security solutions to protect them. We are currently monitoring a number of businesses, large and small, across Bedfordshire.

Looking for a local alarm receiving centre? Impact provides a Bedfordshire solution. Call us today on 01234 889038