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Bedford Electrician

Bedford Electrician

Bedford Electrician

Impact – a Bedford Electrician You Can Rely On

Someone got in touch with Impact recently, wondering if we could help. A light fixture had blown and she was worried that we wouldn’t come out for such a small job. We told her that, of course we’d come out to fix it for her, and that’s exactly what we did a few hours later. Turns out that a number of local electricians had promised to come out, then simply not bothered to turn up. Needless to say, she was delighted with the our service, and left a lovely message on Facebook:

“Dean got in touch and came from Bedford to MK to sort the issue out in a matter of hours even though it wasn’t a big job. He did a great job and is a really nice and polite guy. I wouldn’t use anyone else going forward and always recommend him to people.”

Natasha Needham

That’s how being a local electrician works, isn’t it? At Impact we invest in every single customer because we want them to invest in us.

5 Benefits of a Local Bedford Electrician

As far as Impact Electrical and Security Services is concerned, being a local Bedford electrician isn’t just a marketing strategy; it’s hard-baked into our values. In fact, offering electrical services in our local community was a major motivator for us to start the business. So, here are 5 benefits we’ve promised to our local Bedford customers right from the start:

1. Local Electrical Services in Bedford

All our electricians grew up in or around Bedford. We know the area well. That means that we don’t spend hours in the van getting to our customers; most of them are 30 minutes away, max. And we know how long it will take to get to customers, so we’re able to give accurate ETAs. Most important, we spend our time working on electrical problems, not driving miles to get to you.

2. Electricians You Know

We don’t outsource our electrical services, so at Impact you’ll get to know the team of electricians working in your home or business. That makes a difference. When you know your customers you care about them and you want to do your best for them. When you’re a contractor, there’s a danger that customers are just another job to be signed off.

3. Local Electricians Have a Reputation to Maintain

The vast majority of feedback we get at Impact is positive, and we want to keep it that way. Because bad feedback doesn’t just find it’s way onto Facebook, it also happens in conversations socially and at work. Defending our reputation is great for our customers, because every single electrical installation job we do needs to live up to the high standards that we’re known for across Bedford.

4. No Job Too Small, or Too Big

A local Bedford electrician doesn’t see customers as ‘one offs’; they’re long-term professional relationships to be nurtured. Maybe this time it’s just a lighting fixture, but next time it may be electrical maintenance, or an intruder alarm installation. These local relationships are important because they’re based on trust, and good faith – and that’s what binds communities together.

5. If There’s a Problem, We’ll Fix It

If Impact does a job for you and there’s a problem down the line, you can give us a call and we’ll do our best to fix it. Having a local Bedford electrician means that you’re not stuck on the phone in a call-centre queue for 45 minutes. Just leave a message if we’re busy, and you know we’ll get back to you. Impact is a human-sized company, built for local efficiency.

About Impact

The Impact teams offers a range of commercial and domestic electrical services in Bedford. We carry out electrical repairs, electrical maintenance, rewiring or installation. We’re also qualified installers of alarm systems, access control, and CCTV systems.

If you are looking for a Bedford electrician you can trust, call Impact today for a prompt and efficient response – 01234 889038