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Burglar Alarms Bedford

Burglar Alarm Bedford

Burglar Alarms Bedford

Professional Installation of Burglar Alarms in Bedford

In 2018 Bedfordshire Police recognised the impact that burglary was having on homeowners and businesses across the town. Their pledge to Bedfordians was to prioritise burglary, and do everything they could to ‘identify and manage prolific offenders’. One of the problems they faced at that time was the limited resources they had to work with:

“It is important to look at our ability to investigate burglary in the wider context of pressures we face in Bedfordshire. We are funded as a rural force yet face complex challenges usually seen in large metropolitan areas, so have limited resources and are currently facing unprecedented demand.” Jackie Sebire, Assistant Chief Constable

The number of burglaries committed across Bedfordshire has reduced significantly over the past year, whilst the figures have remained stable in Bedford itself. It is certainly the case that Bedfordshire police have maintained their focus on burglars operating in Bedford, but credit also has to go to our domestic and commercial clients. Impact Electrical and Security Systems has seen a clear rise in demand for burglar alarm installation in the past 12 months.

Burglar Alarms in Bedford Reduce Crime

Fitting a burglar alarm provides simple and effective security for your property. Whether you’re a home owner wanting to protect your property during working hours, or a business owner needing peace of mind overnight, a professional burglar alarm installation provides a powerful defence.

There are two types of alarm system to choose from:

  • Bells Only. We’ve now been accustomed to the sound of ‘bells only’ burglar alarms going off in our locality. A ‘bells only’ installation will trigger on intrusion and ring for around 20 minutes. They’re ideal for residential areas with ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ groups, or close knit business communities. Crucially, a ‘bells only’ alarm relies on local action in response to it.
  • Monitored Alarm System. This is the pricier option, but it also offers a more comprehensive service. Once installed, the alarm is monitored by a security company. If the alarm goes off, they’ll alert you or a designated key holder. This is a far more proactive system, and you can be assured that, should there be a problem, you’ll know about it.

Wireless Alarm Systems in Bedford

Wireless systems have been evolving rapidly over the last decade. They are now an excellent option for home or business clients, and they’re less expensive than many wired alarms. There’s no need to drill holes, deal with unsightly wires, or position alarms to accommodate existing wiring.

Impact Electrical and Security Systems installs Pyronix alarm systems. Pyronix Enforcer is a 2 way 868 MHz wireless security system offering an excellent range of options and components for installation. This wireless burglar alarm system can be integrated into smart home hubs, and set to alert your mobile phone should the alarm be triggered.

Professional Burglar Alarms in Bedford

The Impact security team offers reliable and skilled burglar alarm installation in Bedford. For complete peace of mind, we would also recommend a security audit of your property or premises. This will expose specific vulnerabilities, allowing us to design a tailored security system designed for optimum protection. This may include alarms, CCTV, access systems and lighting.

Would your business benefit from a professional Burglar Alarm in Bedford? Call Impact 24/7 on 01234 889038 for a free no obligation quote