Business Security Systems in Bedfordshire - Impact Electrical & Security
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Business Security Systems in Bedfordshire

Business Security Systems in Bedfordshire

Business Security Systems in Bedfordshire

What’s your biggest security dread? Do you wake up at night worrying about tools theft, insider security problems, or forced entry to your premises? In our experience, every business owner, large or small, has their own personal security nightmare. Which is why tailored business security systems for Bedfordshire clients are so important. At Impact we don’t do ‘one size fits all’; we find out exactly what you need to get a good night’s sleep.

What are Business Security Systems?

This is usually the first question we get from Bedfordshire clients. The way Impact engineers see it, security systems are the means you use to protect your business, your employees and your overheads. A good commercial security system will lower physical risks to the business, lower your insurance, and increase your staff retention rate. Exactly what we put in place to do that depends on the nature of your business.

What Kind of Security System Does Your Business Need?

Impact has recently installed security systems for two Bedfordshire businesses that appear to be quite similar; an adventure centre at Twinwoods Business Park in Bedford, and Flip Out in Rushden Lakes. Both offer a multi-activity adventure site but their security requirements were quite different.

Our security engineers never make assumptions about business security needs. We always start out by asking what kind of specific security problems the business wants to solve:

Flip Out Rushden Lakes

Security System for Flip Out

  • Site Monitoring. Do you keep equipment, vehicles or data on site that thieves might want to get their hands on? If so, you’ll want to know immediately if a window or door is breached overnight or during the weekend. 24 hour monitoring ensures that you’re covered even if you’re not on site.
  • Access Control. Are you worried about internal theft of data or physical goods? Access control allows you to keep track of everyone who enters the building. The points of access of every employee or visitor to your site will be logged, for reference. Oh, and access systems mean you never have to worry about lost keys ever again.
  • Video Recording. CCTV cameras protect your site, your assets and your employees. Everything that happens is recorded 24/7, and should a security incident occur, you’ll have footage that can be used in court. CCTV cameras can be scheduled to record continuously, or when certain criteria are met, such as a door or window being accessed at night.

Mobile Enabled Technology

Smart security has been a game-changer for many businesses in Bedfordshire. Impact can set up your business security system to enable you to control it and receive status messages from your smartphone or tablet, as well as a desktop. This gives business owners the opportunity to view their premises outside business hours, lock or unlock doors, or manage permissions for employees.

Working With Impact Electrical and Security Systems

The Impact team is made up of accredited security engineers with experience of setting up business security systems in Bedfordshire. We’ll talk through your concerns, assess your site, and install a system that provides peace of mind. We’re a local Bedfordshire business, so we guarantee a prompt response to your queries.

Would you like to talk to an Impact engineer about a security system for your business? Just call us on 01234 889038 or email us, and we’ll get back to you promptly.