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CCTV Bedford

CCTV Bedford

CCTV Bedford

Impact Installs CCTV in Bedford

The Bedfordshire Crime Stats for 2018/19 demonstrate the ways in which criminal activity is changing in the county. The fastest growing category over the past 12 months is violent crime, which has increased by just under 25%. The other ‘headline’ category is ‘public order crime’ which has increased by 56% and includes threatening behaviour, intentional harassment, affray, or rioting.

Protecting Bedford Homes and Businesses in 2019

People who live and own businesses in Bedford want to know that they’re protected against the crimes that are most prevalent in the area where they live. Many of the people we speak to are worried about the 29% rise in weapons possession, and say that they fear for vulnerable employees serving in shops, or older relatives living on their own.

It’s our job, at Impact Electrical and Security Systems, to listen to our clients’ concerns and offer professional advice. We always carry out a security audit of the property before making recommendations. And our aim is always to secure any existing vulnerabilities, and deter opportunistic criminals.

Why Install CCTV for Homes?

The majority of Bedford burglaries are carried out by opportunistic burglars who’re looking for an easy target. In the vast majority of cases, just seeing an CCTV installation outside your home will be enough to deter them. Impact installs Pyronix CCTV cameras which are both weather and vandal proof. They provide high quality HD images, and infrared for night filming, and the images can be accessed on your phone.

CCTV Installations for Bedford Businesses

Local businesses share many of the concerns of homeowners, but they’re also more vulnerable to violent crimes and the use of weapons.

There are 4 specific benefits to CCTV installation for local businesses:

  1. Crime Deterrent. Criminals who enter premises with CCTV cameras are taking a major risk of being identified. Unless the stakes are high, and the criminals are professionals, most opportunistic burglars will give premises with CCTV a wide berth. Impact security engineers recommend a highly visible external CCTV camera to ‘advertise’ your security stance.
  2. Provides Evidence. CCTV captures the kind of evidence the Bedfordshire Police need in order to arrest and convict criminals in the town. Providing evidence of criminal activity also helps the police to reduce crime across the town, for the benefit of all the businesses that trade there.
  3. Aids Record Keeping. CCTV helps businesses to keep track of when employees are on site, especially if people regularly work outside normal office hours. The cameras will also track visitors to your premises, and deliveries made. All-in-all you’ll have an accurate minute-by-minute account of who’s in the building.
  4. Peace-of-Mind. For business owners there’s always a dilemma about leaving your premises unattended for any length of time. Pyronix CCTV allows you to monitor your premises from your phone. High quality imagery ensures that whatever the time, or weather, you’ll be able to reassure yourself that all’s well.

A Friendly and Professional Installation Service

Impact provides a comprehensive installation and set up service for business and home clients across Bedfordshire. We’ll assess your property or premises for positioning, and offer guidance on the range of system features you’ll benefit from. All our installers are accredited and once installation is complete, we’ll thoroughly test the system and carry out a detailed handover.

Impact Electrical and Security Systems installs CCTV systems for commercial and domestic clients in Bedford. For an accredited, professional installation call 01234 889038