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CCTV Bedfordshire

CCTV Bedfordshire

CCTV Bedfordshire

CCTV in Bedfordshire Drives Down Burglaries

The Impact team are always delighted to get some good news when it comes to the crime stats in Bedfordshire. The local police have just announced that burglary offences in the county are down by 35% on the figures from a year ago. Detective Inspector Janine Graham said:

“So far this year, we have jailed one offender for five years after being caught on CCTV eating ice cream before breaking into a property. Another was sent to prison for more than three years after his forensics were found at the scene. A man was handed a 15-year sentence for his part in a burglary which left two men with life threatening injuries, and one burglar was sentenced to almost three years after being caught on a doorbell video.”

She goes on to acknowledge the contribution the public make to the Bedfordshire Police success rate. Taking a responsible attitude towards crime, and installing alarms, CCTV and security lighting makes an impact – as we’re seeing from current figures.

Commercial CCTV in Bedfordshire

Local shopkeepers and small business owners across the county have been proactive in finding ways to protect their property against opportunistic burglars. We know this because Impact has seen a real increase in calls like this. The first thing we do in response, as a security system installer, is to visit your premises. We’ll check out the vulnerabilities, and make recommendations for effective security measures.

Commercial CCTV cameras will often feature in our recommendations, because they’re particularly effective for small businesses:

  • High visibility CCTV cameras have been shown to deter opportunistic crime
  • Business owners can access a live feed of their property via their phones
  • Our CCTV includes features such as night vision and motion sensor
  • HD resolution images provide evidence for police seeking a conviction in the courts

Residential CCTV in Bedfordshire

Domestic client concerns across Bedfordshire range from older people living alone in one of the larger towns, to residents isolated in small villages. The semi-rural geography of Bedfordshire means that the police can find themselves having to make difficult decisions about which crime scenes to attend. We hear, again and again, that people want a reliable deterrent for their homes.

The Impact security systems team do everything they can to allay clients’ fears of burglary. We’re happy to visit your home, offer tips on how you can improve your security, and provide recommendations for security installations. Domestic CCTV installation comprises a high quality camera (with infra red night vision if required), a digital video recorder, wiring and a monitor. We can set your system up to give you 24 hour monitoring on your phone.

Reliable, competitive prices and very happy with our install, would highly recommend. – Hinesh Patel

Impact Electrical & Security Systems for Professional CCTV in Bedfordshire

CCTV is one of the most reliable ways to secure your small business or home. It allows you to keep an eye on your premises 24 hours of the day. When professionally installed as part of a comprehensive security system, it offers robust protection for your property. Impact security engineers are skilled and experienced installers, offering a prompt, friendly service you can rely on.

Want to burglar-proof your property? Call Impact Electrical & Security Systems on 01234 889038  for info on CCTV in Bedfordshire