CCTV Installation Bedford | CCTV Camera Systems for Bedford Businesses
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CCTV Installation Bedford

CCTV Installation Bedford

CCTV Installation Bedford

Impact Provides CCTV Installation for Bedford Businesses

Good security is all about peace of mind. It’s about knowing that – even when you’re not there – your business is protected. Most important, it’s about providing a secure environment for clients, suppliers and employees. Creating a security environment is never down to one particular installation; alarms, access control and CCTV cameras all have their role to play in protecting your business.

In this blog, we’ll be looking at the contribution of the CCTV camera installation to your security system as a whole.

CCTV Camera Systems Deter Opportunistic Crime

The majority of thefts and burglaries aren’t planned; they happen because a business looks vulnerable. CCTV systems are a great way to show criminals that your business takes security seriously. At Impact Electrical & Security Systems we always recommend a highly visible CCTV camera installation, accompanied by clear signage.

Take the Weekend Off Occasionally

Most business owners work all hours, but everyone needs to be able to take time off once in a while. A professionally installed CCTV system gives you the peace of mind you need to be able to walk away once in a while. And if you need to stay connected, you can monitor the CCTV digital feed from your phone or laptop.

Help the Police Protect Your Business

The whole point of CCTV is that it captures criminal activity, providing the police with evidence which can lead to convictions. Impact engineers will assess where your premises are vulnerable to intruders, and advise on the best positions for CCTV cameras. Installing CCTV cameras in and around Bedford helps the stretched resources of the police force to be efficient and effective in reducing crime.

Reliable, competitive prices and very happy with our install, would highly recommend. – Hinesh Patel

CCTV Can Reduce Your Insurance

Having an effective security infrastructure that’s been designed and installed by professionals instils confidence. Insurance companies are all about the assessment of risk. If you can significantly reduce the risk of having to claim on your insurance, by reducing the potential for crime, your premium should also show a reduction. Which saves you money, month on month.

Your Employees Feel Protected

We tend to think about CCTV cameras protecting the business from theft or vandalism. They’re also there to protect employees against assault, or threatening behaviour. This may not be something that gets talked about often, but we’ve heard from numerous members of staff that they breathe easier knowing that there’s CCTV on the premises.

Impact for CCTV Installation in Bedford

Our professional CCTV camera installation service includes a comprehensive security diagnostic for your business. Our trained engineers will:

  • Audit your premises for security vulnerabilities,
  • Provide guidance on the number and positioning of cameras
  • Advise on the kind of system best suited to your needs
  • Test your CCTV installation in situ, and offer a detailed handover


Our business CCTV set-ups tend to require a multi-camera system, with an audio option, night vision, and remote monitoring. CCTV recording provides 24 hour surveillance, and HD resolution for accurate identification of criminals if a crime occurs.

Would your business benefit from a professional CCTV installation in Bedford? Call Impact 24/7 on 01234 889038 for a free no obligation quote