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CCTV Installation Bedfordshire

CCTV Installation Bedfordshire

CCTV Installation Bedfordshire

Trusted, Professional CCTV Installation in Bedfordshire

One of the questions Impact engineers get asked quite a bit is: “Why should I get my CCTV professionally installed when I could do it cheaper myself?” And we have to agree that DIY CCTV kits are certainly cheaper, in the short term. If, however, your CCTV installation doesn’t do the job it to you, you could end up paying a higher price in the long term.

Your Worst Nightmare

Here’s what happens if your CCTV lets you down. Just imagine that you’re burgled when the house is empty. The intruder gets away with jewellery, tech items and some cash. It’s horrible, but at least you installed CCTV a while back. Except that the camera doesn’t manage to capture the burglar’s face. You can see the number plate of a car on the road, but you can’t make out any details because the image is blurry, despite having night vision.

Worst of all, when you’re asked to hand over the recording to the police, it’s been accidentally wiped.

A Professional Guarantee From Impact

When Impact designs a CCTV installation in Bedfordshire it comes with a guarantee: If an intruder steals from your home, our CCTV cameras will provide clear footage which could be used in court to convict the criminal. There are 5 key elements to our set up that make good our promise:

  1. Camera Positioning. Impact installers know how to position CCTV cameras to ensure that the face of any intruder is clearly visible on the footage.
  2. Image Quality. A CCTV camera needs tweaking and adjusting to its environment, no matter how what quality it is. Impact quality checks CCTV footage to ensure the perfect settings.
  3. Secure System. CCTV footage can now be streamed via your phone. During set up we change the default password and settings to protect your account from hackers.
  4. Number Plate Recognition. Without Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) it can be difficult to make out details, even with night vision cameras.
  5. Environmental Awareness. At Impact we tailor your CCTV set up to your home or business environment. If you’re near a railway, for example, we adjust our installation for vibration.

Which CCTV System Should I Choose?

There’s a bewildering variety of CCTV system options to choose from, and for many people this can be off-putting. Impact is always happy to provide specialist advice and guidance on which product would suit you best. We can also audit your current system, and upgrade it if necessary. All Impact installers are familiar with a range of different systems, and have experience working with them.

About Impact

Impact is a local security systems designer and installer working across Bedfordshire. We offer a holistic approach to security which ensures that your business, or home has 360º protection from intrusion, theft and violent crime. In addition to CCTV, therefore, we also provide alarms, security lighting and access control.

“Professional and competitively priced products and service by Dean and team. Had security lights and CCTV installed, very pleased with the work been completed, would 100% recommend.” Steve Ottewill

Would you like advice or guidance on your commercial or residential CCTV? Call us straight away on 01234 889038