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CCTV Installation Luton

CCTV Installation Luton

CCTV Installation Luton

Should I Use Professional CCTV Installation in Luton?

Thinking of installing CCTV in your Luton home or business? Big thumbs up! CCTV installation in Luton is not only an effective deterrent to opportunist crime; it’s also one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your home. Thinking of installing CCTV yourself? Big thumbs down! Read on to find out why.

There’s lots of CCTV cameras being sold online as DIY friendly, and there’s no arguing with the fact they’re simple to install. But they’re also pretty easy for criminals to break or bypass. CCTV security needs a winning combination of high quality tech and an installer who knows where to place cameras in order to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Not convinced yet? Here’s 4 reasons why you should choose professional CCTV installation in Luton:

1. Guaranteed Security

If you’re not a security professional, it’s unlikely you’ll know which cameras are the right fit for your home and business premises, or where to place them. Professional installers start with an assessment of your property which will reveal where your vulnerabilities lie. Once complete, they’ll know how many cameras you need, where to place them, and how to angle them.

2. Ongoing Support

What do you do if your CCTV camera isn’t working properly, or breaks down? If you’ve installed it yourself you have a choice between looking in the ‘troubleshooting’ section of the instruction leaflet, or finding a local electrician who can help. If you’ve had your system professionally installed, you simply call the installer and they’ll advise, offer guidance, or repair it for you.

3. A Fully Operational System

Many CCTV cameras simply don’t do the job they’re supposed to. There’s plenty of reasons for this:

  • Systems aren’t checked properly to ensure they’re fully operational
  • The camera stays in the box due to lack of available time for installation
  • The system stops working but no-one notices
  • The system breaks and stays that way

An SSAIB accredited security engineer will carry out all necessary tests to make sure your CCTV camera is recording (night and day), and that the images captured could be used for evidence, if necessary.

4. Save Money in the Long Run

It may cost more to get a professional in to install your CCTV cameras, but they’ll make sure you have the right equipment for the job, in the right position, and working perfectly. They’ll also set up your smart functions, if required, so you can check in on your property via your phone. Their expertise adds value to your system, as well as giving you absolute peace of mind.

Working With Impact Electrical and Security Systems

Impact is a Bedfordshire security systems design and installation provider working in Luton. We offer a comprehensive approach to security which means that your business, or home has 360º protection from theft, violent crime, or vandals. In addition to CCTV we also install alarms, security lighting and access control.

“Professional and competitively priced products and service by Dean and team. Had security lights and CCTV installed, very pleased with the work been completed, would 100% recommend.”

Steve Ottewill

Would you an Impact Engineer to complete your CCTV installation in Luton? Call us today and we’ll schedule you in promptly – 01234 889038