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Commercial CCTV Installation

Commercial CCTV Installation

Commercial CCTV Installation

Commercial CCTV Installation in Bedford

Commercial CCTV installation is an invaluable deterrent against opportunistic crime on business premises. Should criminal activity occur, CCTV will capture the evidence which can then be used to identify the perpetrators and pursue a successful conviction. If you’re looking for a way to defend your property, workforce and data, Impact’s CCTV installation service in Bedford gives you 24/7 security.

As a local installer of CCTV cameras for businesses in Bedford, there are a number of questions Impact engineers get asked regularly. In this blog, we answer your most pressing queries.

How Many CCTV Cameras Do I Need?

There’s no one answer to this as every commercial premises is different. Impact will always do a site visit before making recommendations for commercial CCTV installation in Bedford. We’ll look at your existing security arrangements, and consider the vulnerable areas that need to be covered. Then we’ll make recommendations on the number of CCTV cameras, and their positioning.

Where Should I Put CCTV Cameras?

Impact has a good deal of experience installing commercial CCTV. We would recommend the following locations as important areas to consider:

  • Commercial Entrances. Dependent on the size of your business, you’ll probably have more than one entrance. Criminals will quickly determine which entrance doesn’t have CCTV and target it. It’s best to have CCTV on all entrances, therefore.
  • Visitor Reception. This is a hub for employees, visitors and 3rd party suppliers. Busy areas are vulnerable because distraction is easy. No matter how good the receptionist, if they’re distracted, a criminal will take advantage to gain entry.
  • Stock Rooms and Warehouses. Opportunist thieves are likely to go for what’s at hand. Planned burglaries, though, know exactly where the valuable items are kept. Even if you have an alarm system, a CCTV camera adds an important second layer of security.
  • IT Servers. At one time criminals were looking for computers, now the data stored on computers is more valuable to them. If you have servers located on your commercial premises, you should definitely have them protected with CCTV cameras.

What’s the Best Height and Angle for CCTV Cameras?

Part of the Impact commercial CCTV installation process is ensuring that your cameras are positioned for optimum security. We will always position them at a height of between 2-5 metres. This places then beyond the reach of vandals, but maintains the image quality. For smaller areas we’ll install a camera with a 2.8mm lens which offers a 90º viewing angle. If, however, we’re installing in a warehouse, we’d use a 16mm lens offering a 16-17º angle.

Why Work With Impact?

Impact is a local electrical and security installation business based in Bedford. Much of our work now comes from word-of-mouth recommendations, thanks to our focus on excellent customer service, professionalism at all times, and high quality security and electrical installations. If you need repairs, installations or upgrades for commercial or residential CCTV, intruder alarms, or security lighting, Impact will respond fast, and provide great service.

“Professional and competitively priced products and service by Dean and team. Had security lights and CCTV installed, very pleased with the work been completed, would 100% recommend.” Steve Ottewill

Would you like to talk to us about a commercial CCTV installation in Bedford? Call the Impact team today on 01234 889038