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Commercial CCTV System

Commercial CCTV System

Commercial CCTV System

Commercial CCTV Installed Across Bedfordshire

A commercial CCTV system is an excellent way to deter or detect criminal intrusion and theft in business premises. Catching thieves isn’t its only function though, many of our commercial clients are increasing the return on their investment by using monitoring cameras to improve productivity, reduce waste, and optimise maintenance management.

Impact Electrical and Security Systems installs CCTV that can provide both criminal surveillance, and business monitoring. It’s a 24/7 system that works 365 days a year both inside your buildings and externally in surrounding areas.

Commercial CCTV System – The Benefits to Business

A CCTV system can be tailored to your location, and your business needs. As SSAIB approved installers we ensure that your installation is fully compliant with legal requirements and will meet with your insurer’s approval. A planned and professionally installed CCTV system offers multiple benefits to business, including:

CCTV Surveillance

      • Minimises risk of criminal intrusion, vandalism, and trespass.
      • Deters opportunist thieves.
      • Records any criminal activity on the premises.
      • Provides evidence of intrusion, and data for use by the police.
      • Offers protection to employees and clients.


CCTV Business Monitoring

      • Monitors the building, including customer volume.
      • Offers evidence in staff disputes and charges of bullying.
      • Provides visual access to all locations, no matter how remote.
      • Improves time management and productivity.
      • Footage can be used as evidence in insurance claims.


What Kind of Commercial CCTV System?

Modern CCTV technology is extremely responsive to business needs. The visual data can be viewed via a laptop on site, or on a mobile device from anywhere in the world. The range of cameras has also grown exponentially in the past few years. There is now certain to be a model that fits the requirements of your business:

      • Bullet cameras. So named because of their distinctive shape. They’re designed to be a visible deterrent, and their long-range capabilities make them ideal for external use. Bullet cameras are built for outdoors work with a water and dirt resistant casing.
      • Internet Protocol Cameras. These IP CCTV cameras are hugely popular because they require nothing more than a network connection to view data. They can also be operated remotely, allowing viewers to zoom, pan or tilt for alternative views.
      • Dome Cameras. The name comes from the shape. They are designed to be unobtrusive and can be used indoors or out. The great advantage to this model is that the camera is able to work in the dark, or in dim light, because of inbuilt infrared LEDs.
      • High-Definition Cameras. HD describes cameras with a standardised resolution of 720p or 1080p. Their images retain quality even when you zoom in. For this reason, they are excellent CCTV cameras for use where visual detail is the priority.
      • Night & Day Cameras. The camera automatically adjusts for sunlight, dark and low light conditions. There is often an Infrared Cut Removable Filter integrated. This ensures that daylight images are not affected by infrared light.

Impact Can Install Your Commercial CCTV System

Our security engineers can offer guidance in the planning stages, and CCTV installation expertise. We know where to place CCTV cameras for the best effect, indoors and out, and the wiring (if required) will be professionally configured.

We are an established electrical and security installer working across Bedfordshire. We work with a range of commercial clients, providing CCTV for home workshops and offices, to large business premises. We can guarantee a fully tested and operationally perfect system, which will benefit your business and enhance peace of mind.

Would you like to talk to an Impact engineer about installing a commercial CCTV system? Call us today on 01234 889038 or 07851 737116