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Commercial Security Systems in Bedfordshire

Commercial Security Systems in Bedfordshire

Commercial Security Systems in Bedfordshire

Impact Installs Commercial Security Systems in Bedfordshire

When we’re fitting alarms, security lights or CCTV in a home setting, our goal is always to increase the safety and security of the people who live there. When it comes to commercial security systems in Bedfordshire businesses, there are two goals to fulfil. We want to create a safe environment for employees, and protect their livelihood.

Many of the businesses Impact secures are SMEs with a handful of employees. A burglary, or vandalism, can be devastating for a small businesses and we see it as our job to reduce the risk of it happening. In this blog we introduce 4 kinds of security devices that make up a comprehensive security system.

1. Intruder Alarms

You can’t be in you commercial premises 24/7, but an intruder alarm system can. Not only that, but Impact Electrical and Security Systems provide round-the-clock monitoring. So if your alarm goes off, our alarm receiving centre will assess the event, and contact the relevant emergency services. You will only be alerted if the activation is considered serious, rather than a false alarm.

Our engineers will always carry out a security vulnerability assessment before making recommendations for alarm locations. All our alarms are thoroughly tested before handover, and we would recommend regular follow-up tests and maintenance.

2. CCTV Surveillance

A carefully designed commercial CCTV installation provides security for employees and, should there be an unlawful entry, valuable evidence for use in court. Prior to installation, Impact engineers consider the internal and external locations where surveillance could best be located. This involves the use of visible CCTV as a deterrent, and hidden CCTV to capture clear images of any intruder.

CCTV can be streamed to a dedicated monitor on your commercial premises, and to your mobile phone. This means that business owners have the peace-of-mind of knowing they have access any time, day or night.

3. Access Control

A key feature of commercial security systems for Bedfordshire businesses is the ability to allow or deny entry to their premises. Dependent on your business, you may wish to control access to your business as a whole, or to part of it. Access control systems are extremely flexible. They can be scheduled for certain times of the day, and programmed to provide access to some employees and not others.

Every business has its own specific requirements when it comes to access control. Impact engineers can help by working with you on your design, and permissions system. We’ll also offer guidance on the ongoing monitoring and management of the system once it’s installed.

4. Security Lighting

Illuminating the exterior of your building can be a huge help to employees who may arrive and leave in darkness over the winter months. We can also advise on lighting sensors which will trigger the lights outside business hours. Knowing where the likely entry points for your premises are, means that we can install your security lighting effectively.

Working With Impact Electrical and Security Systems

Impact is a local Bedfordshire business, and we provide high-quality security systems to businesses across the county. Where your livelihood is at stake, we would always recommend a sturdy approach to security. Our advice is always based on years of experience, and we’ll never try to sell you something you don’t need. For prompt, professional security advice and installation, you can depend on the Impact team.

Would you like to talk to a security specialist about a security system for your business? Call Impact today on 01234 889038