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Domestic CCTV Systems Bedford

Domestic CCTV Systems Bedford

Domestic CCTV Systems Bedford

Domestic CCTV Systems Bedford

CCTV? In your home? Isn’t that a bit over the top?

Not at all! In fact Impact is installing more domestic CCTV systems in Bedford this year than ever before. Why the sudden growth in demand? Well three things spring to mind:

  1. Affordability. CCTV cameras are now competitively priced and there’s a huge range of options. So you’ll be able to find cameras that are ideal for protecting your home.
  2. High Tech. CCTV cameras are not just affordable, their also far more efficient that ever before. ColourVu CCTV, for example, provides excellent HD imagery, in full colour, even at night.
  3. Burglaries Happen When You’re Out At Work. Burglaries went down in Bedford during the lockdown, but as people go back to work they’re rising again. Burglars are less likely to target a houses with CCTV.

Domestic CCTV is a Great Deterrent Against Crime

When asked which houses they would avoid, ex-burglars reply ‘those with dogs and CCTV’. Many police websites will also recommend the use of CCTV as a means to defend your home against criminals. At Impact we would always recommend that your CCTV cameras are positioned to be visible from the street. That way burglars know to avoid your house. Should your home be burgled, your CCTV camera will capture images of the forced entry. This is often used in court, by the police, to secure a conviction.

What Sort of Houses Fit Domestic CCTV Systems in Bedford?

Impact engineers have fitted local CCTV cameras in just about every kind of Bedford property you can imagine. From large detached houses, to semis, terraced and apartments. If you know that you want a security system in your home, but you’re not sure which CCTV cameras to choose, we’re more than happy to take a look at your home and recommend the best system for you.

Do I Need a Professional Installer for Domestic CCTV?

Of course I’d say ‘yes’ wouldn’t I? But look at it this way; when it comes to your family’s security, isn’t it best to trust to professionals? At Impact our trained and accredited engineers know how to position your cameras for maximum coverage, and they’ll fully test the system before handing over to you. Whatever kind of CCTV camera you choose, we’ll be familiar with it, and be able to talk you through how the system works.

Domestic CCTV for Peace of Mind

It’s now possible to have a live feed from your CCTV camera straight to your phone. Many people find this reassuring, especially if they travel a lot for work, or you’re away from home regularly. You can check out whether people are approaching your property, maybe knocking at the front door on consecutive days to see what your routine is.

About Impact Electrical & Security Systems

Impact is a local, Bedford based installer of security systems for residential and commercial clients. We respond quickly to enquiries, and always work in the interests of our customers. If you’re worried about whether or not your home is secure, give us a ring. We’re happy to provide expert guidance, and offer a security audit of your property. Aside from CCTV, we also install alarms, security lighting, and door entry systems.

“Professional and competitively priced products and service by Dean and team. Had security lights and CCTV installed, very pleased with the work been completed, would 100% recommend.” Steve Ottewill

Need help with your domestic CCTV installation or upgrade? Call Impact Electrical & Security Systems on 01234 889038