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Door Control Access Systems Bedfordshire

Door Control Access Systems Bedfordshire

Door Control Access Systems Bedfordshire

Types of Door Access Systems for Businesses

The business premises in Bedfordshire that still use traditional locks and keys are now in the minority. Why? Because keys get lost, shared, or disappear in pockets when people leave. Rather than coping with the ongoing hassle of key cutting and retrieval, businesses are moving on to door access control systems as an efficient, cost-effective alternative.

Impact Electrical and Security Systems regularly fit door access controls for businesses across Bedfordshire. They’re quick to install, long-lasting and – most important – easy to manage. If you haven’t had this type of security fitted yet, here’s a quick guide to the range of options available.

What are Door Control Access Systems?

Access control gives you way to allow and restrict access to areas within your business premises, without using a key. Each employee can have their access tailored to the areas they need to enter. Should someone lose their code, or fob, access can be granted centrally, and a new code issued easily. The simplicity and efficiency of the system is what makes it such an attractive alternative to more traditional methods.

3 Types of Door Access Control Systems

Door access control is a flexible technology which can easily be customised to a business’ needs. There are 3 main types of access system:

  • Pin Code Access System
  • Biometric Access System
  • Proximity Access System

Pin Code Access System

This is the simplest option and one that most employees are familiar with. A keypad is installed on or near the door and access is granted when a recognised code is punched in. These are an excellent choice where there are a limited number of users, and the premises are not high risk. No access card, or fob is needed, simply the memorised code. For ongoing security, the code should be updated regularly.

Biometric Access System

Biometric access uses biological traits to grant access. The simplest and most cost-effective form of biometric recognition is fingerprints. A more complex solution may use face or eye recognition, or a combination of the three. This is a highly personalised access control and overcomes any worries about code sharing or managing access when an employee leaves the business.

Proximity Access System

Proximity uses wireless technology to grant access. A signal is sent out by a key-fob or card and read by the system. Each fob/card is pre-programmed with the access granted to the holder. Should the proximity card be lost, access can be granted centrally and a new one created simply.

Which System Should I Choose For My Business?

The type of access control you need will depend on the kind of business you have, the security measures you already have in place, and the number of people who need to access the premises. In most cases a pin code, or proximity access system provides adequate control so that you know your business is secure, and you can keep track of the people who are accessing all areas.

Working With Impact Electrical and Security Systems

We are an SSAIB approved security installer, serving residential and commercial customers across the county. The Impact security team advises large and small businesses on the range of security measures they need to protect their premises and employees, and they provide professional, fully tested alarm systems, CCTV and door access control systems across Bedfordshire.

“Highly recommend Dean and team at Impact, our alarm issue was sorted promptly, and service performed quickly and efficiently. Polite and friendly service from a local business.”


Would you like to speak to a member of the Impact team about door access control systems for your Bedfordshire business? Call us today on 01234 889038