Door Entry Systems for Bedford Customers | Impact Electrical and Security
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Door Entry Systems for Bedford Customers

door entry systems for Bedford Customers

Door Entry Systems for Bedford Customers

Door Entry Systems for Bedford Customers

There’s a whole variety of reasons why our Bedford customers contact us for door entry systems advice and installation. Domestic customers tend to be worried about doorstep scammers, either on their own behalf, or for a relative living on their own. Businesses are more concerned about ensuring that their premises are accessible only to authorised staff.

Access control systems give either businesses or householders the ability to check the credentials of visitors before letting them in. As there’s a range of different models and systems on offer, Impact security engineers will always visit your property or premises before making a recommendation. We want to be sure that our Bedford customers have the security that meets their needs.

Domestic Door Entry Systems for Bedford Customers

A door entry system installed in your home ensures that only people you know and trust gain entry. When the doorbell rings you will have the opportunity to either speak to the person via intercom, or see them via a video link, or integrated CCTV. Once you’ve ascertained who they are, and whether you can trust them, you can either open the door, or ask them to leave.

The home door entry system offers our Bedford customers peace of mind that they won’t be physically overwhelmed as a result of opening their front door to a stranger. The technology also provides valuable thinking time when confronted with a caller collecting for charity, or offering services. Rather than responding in their physical presence, you’re able to reflect and take time to ask for appropriate credentials.

Commercial Access Control Systems

The logistics of ensuring that only authorised personnel are able to access your business premises, and zoned areas within it, require careful planning. Many of the businesses and organisations Impact security engineers work with in Bedford want to combine an element of public access, with security controls in areas that contain valuable or sensitive materials.

Access control systems utilise key cards, or key codes which are made available to authorised members of staff only. There are numerous advantages to this system for Bedford businesses, including:

  • Auditing Access. The system will give you an accurate record of every entry, or attempted entry in the course of the day.
  • Scheduled Access. If you require open access to the building at certain times of the day, the system can be scheduled to accommodate this.
  • No More Keys. How much time has been lost attempting to retrieve keys from ex-employees, or replacing ones that have been lost? An access control system does away with keys.
  • Remote Access. All the access points within your premises can be remotely controlled from one source. Should you need to lock down the building, for example, it’s quick and easy to do.

Why Contact Impact for your Door Entry System?

We’re a skilled and professional local door entry system installer, which means we’ll respond promptly to your enquiry and be available for any follow up enquiries. We install Videx door entry systems; this leading UK manufacturer provides a wide range of domestic and commercial models suited to the needs of our Bedford customers. Finally, we’ll schedule flexibly, complete the job to deadline, and offer seriously competitive prices on all our installations.

Impact installs a range of high quality door entry systems for Bedford customers. If your home or business would benefit from access control, call us on 01234 889038