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Door Entry Systems for Flats

Door Entry Systems for Flats

Door Entry Systems for Flats

Door Entry Systems for Flats in Luton

If you live in a block of flats, your safety is largely dependent on the quality of the door entry system provided. In the absence of physical gatekeepers, door entry systems for flats in Luton provide the only way that residents are able to identify and control unknown visitors to the apartment block. A faulty system can lead to residents being attacked, or feeling scared to leave their flats at night.

It’s important, therefore, that landlords and homeowners install high quality door entry systems that comply with SSAIB standards. The most popular models currently in use are audio (intercom) or video systems.

Video Door Entry Systems for Flats

A video system allows residents to see the person requesting entry before they let them in. Once the visitor buzzes, a camera is activated and an individual handset will ring. The resident then has the option to talk to the visitor, and ask them to provide identification if they don’t know them. If they’re unsure about their credentials they can refuse entry.

Video entry systems can now be streamed directly to your mobile, so even if you’re out you can see who is buzzing and speak to them. This is great if you need them to leave parcels in a safe space, or you want to re-arrange a visit from someone you know.

Audio Door Entry Systems

Audio intercom systems are still widely used as they’re a cost-effective option for large apartment complexes. The process is simple; a visitor presses the button for your flat and your handset buzzes. You can then speak to the person on the other end. Whilst you can’t see them, you can still ascertain whether they’re known to you. If unknown, you can ask for verbal identification before letting them in.

Case Study – Intercom Door Entry System for Maxet House in Luton

Maxet House started out as an office complex and has recently been converted to residential dwellings. There are now 67 apartments in the block and Impact was asked to ensure that the Fermax intercom system was up to SSAIB standards. Once we had completed our work on the system, it was fully compliant and fit-for-purpose.

SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) regulates the installation of alarms and security devices. Businesses accredited by the SSAIB can be trusted to provide high quality protection and security. Having your alarm, entry device, or CCTV installed by an SSAIB-certified installer is also likely to lower your insurance payments.

Working With Impact

Impact Electrical and Security Systems is a Bedfordshire based business, providing high standards of workmanship, and excellent customer service. We respond to all enquiries promptly, no matter the size of the job, and we’re normally able to resolve client problems fast. Our SSAIB accredited security team are currently installing CCTV, security lighting and burglar alarms in homes and businesses across the county.

Do you need a new or upgraded door entry system? Call the Impact team today on 01234 889038. We provide expert guidance and prompt installation.