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Electrical Installations Bedford

Electrical Installations Bedford

Electrical Installations Bedford

Home Electrical Installations in Bedford

When your electrics keep tripping, it’s time to call your local electrician in Bedford. Don’t put it off, or wait for a friend of a friend to come round. Electricity is not to be messed with, so get a professional who’s experienced in electrical installations on the case straight away.

What Does ‘Electrical Installations’ Cover?

Good question! It’s one the Impact team get asked quite a bit. So, just to be clear, electrical installations are all the things in your home that allow you to use your computers, heaters, cooker, toaster etc. Most people are familiar with the fuse box (especially if frequent tripping is a problem), then there’s all your plug sockets and the electrical circuits that feed them. It also covers the wiring for your home, and all the electrical products that use that wiring system.

When Should I Call my Local Electrician in Bedford?

In our experience some of our Bedford customers put off calling their local electrician ‘for such a little thing’. First of all, there’s no such thing as a ‘job that’s too small’ with Impact. Electricity is a dangerous juice, no matter that we’ve grown up with it. If you’re worried, or you’re not sure how to fix a problem just contact us.

So here’s a list of some of the things we can help with:

  • Electricity Trips Frequently. Resetting your fuse box is only a temporary fix. Tripping tells you that there may be a problem with one of your circuits – it needs a professional eye.
  • Wire Spaghetti. If you’ve got wires running under rugs and tangling behind chairs you’re running a risk. An electrician could help by installing extra plug sockets.
  • Shocks and Scorch Marks. You shouldn’t get tingly electrical shocks from your electrical goods. Nor should there be scorch marks on your sockets. Call your electrician.
  • You Don’t Know What the State of the Wiring is. Loads of people are in this situation. If you’ve never had your wiring checked, get your local electrician to give it the once over.

Why Get Yourself a Local Electrician in Bedford?

At Impact we think of ourselves as the equivalent of a GP (but for electrical installations in Bedford, rather than anything else!). We have loads of customers who we don’t hear from for a while, then suddenly they’ll message us about a worry they have. If we can’t sort it in a message, we go over to take a look. That’s what we’re there for – just like your doctor.

About Impact Electrical & Security Systems

We’re a local business in Bedford serving customers in the town, and across Bedfordshire. Our accredited electricians can handle all your electrical installations, and they’re also there for smart appliances and wireless installations. We’ll always give you a free, no obligation quote on work you need done, and we’ll turn up when you need us, not the week after next.

Need electrical installations in Bedford? Call Impact on 01234 889038 for a local electrician serving Bedford and the surrounding towns/villages: Riseley, Bromham, Kempston, Clapham, Biddenham