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Electrical Maintenance Bedford

Electrical Maintenance Bedford

Electrical Maintenance Bedford

Impact Provides Home Electrical Maintenance in Bedford

It only takes a power cut in the home to remind us just how much we depend on electricity. Without it we’d have difficulty heating our houses, cooking meals, accessing our friends and family, or doing our work. In the 21st century, more than ever before, electricity is the juice our lives run on. And yet, ask people when they last had an electrical maintenance check in their home and the most will struggle to remember.

Impact engineers always recommend regular electrical maintenance in Bedford homes. There’s two main drivers to this; first we want families to be safe from electrical hazards. Second, we want to make sure that the systems you have in place are providing your with a good return on your investment. A home we visited recently had an alarm with only half the sensors working. The household thought they were protected whilst, in fact, they weren’t.

Electrical Safety in the Home

With more and more pressure on our household electricity supply, it’s a good idea to book in a maintenance check every few years. Electrical faults tend to begin invisibly in the wiring, and if left unattended could cause electrical shocks, outages, or fires. As an electrician in Bedford,  Impact wants to ensure the safety of Bedfordians. In order to achieve this our maintenance services include the following:

1. Appliances and Security Systems

All household appliances should be regularly checked to ensure that they’re safe to use. Impact electricians carry out tests on all your appliances. This includes PAT testing to check lead polarity, insulation resistance and earth continuity. We’ll also inspect alarms, CCTV and fire alarm equipment to check that they’re doing the job you think they are.

2. Kitchen Equipment Testing

The kitchen is the room that uses most electricity in your home, which makes it a focus of maintenance checks. One of the major problems we encounter tends to be socket overloading. We’ll take a look to see if you need any new sockets, and make recommendations if necessary. Your Impact electrician will also check switches, current continuity, earthing and connection tightness.

3. House Wiring

Once a house is wired it tends to get forgotten until the property is sold, or there’s a problem. Home wiring wears over the years. If you haven’t had anyone look at your wiring for a while, it’s worth getting an electrician to check it out. Most often any problems can be fixed quickly – you’re unlikely to need a complete rewire.

4. Is Your Home Earthed?

The good news is that there’s a 99% probability that it is. If it isn’t, you’re family is vulnerable to electrical shocks which can be extremely unpleasant. Impact electricians take nothing on trust when dealing with electricity in the home. They’ll check the main earthing terminal, your wiring circuits and the supplementary earth bonding in critical areas such as bathrooms.

Local Electrical Services in Bedford

Electrical maintenance in Bedford is one of a range of local electrical services provided by Impact Electrical and Security Services. We are qualified installers of alarm and CCTV systems, and we can also fit external security lights. Should you require electrical installations, repairs, rewiring, or additional sockets, we offer a prompt, friendly and professional service. And, we promise, you won’t find better customer service in Bedford!

“A big, big thank you to Dean at Impact for his speedy, professional, competitive approach to his trade and excellent customer service. One impressively completed job just keeps me leading to more and more renovations I just need doing! Can’t recommend his honest friendly manner and meticulous attention to his skills enough!” Deepa Jagsi

Is your home overdue an electrical maintenance check? Call the Impact team today to book one in – 01234 889038