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Testing and Refurbishment From Bedfordshire Electricians
Electrical Maintenance

Local Electrical Services You Can Depend On

Electrical maintenance is at the heart of everything we do at Impact Electrical & Security Installations. Our local Bedfordshire clients depend on us to keep their electrical systems working at peak performance. If there’s a problem, we’re the ones companies can call for instant advice they can trust. And in an emergency, we can be relied upon to offer a prompt and effective response and resolution.



Any workplace which supplies portable electrical equipment for the use of their employees is required to carry out regular inspections to ensure they’re safe to use. Your portable appliances may range from an electric kettle, through desktop computers to machines with a practical purpose. Impact offers annual PAT testing, accompanied by detailed record keeping and accurate, up-to-date labelling of tested appliances.at.



What every business dreads is a prolonged power outage. Normally these occur as the result of storms, lightning or issues with your provider. The only way to manage these occurrences is to install UPS or Uninterrupted Power Supply. UPS guarantees short-term supply, even if you experience a power cut. Impact will install your UPS system and test it, so you have peace of mind that whatever happens there’s minimum risk to your business.



Many of our clients ask us to check their electrical systems regularly, for any refurbishments required. What this means is that electrical components are replaced with a like-for-like part, allowing for the machinery to work as originally intended. Sometimes we’ll offer an ‘upgrade’ which would enhance the operation of the machine, if it’s available. These are usually the more expensive option, but they’ll often provide energy savings, and enhanced productivity.

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