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Home Burglary – When do Police Respond?

Home Burglary – When do Police Respond?

Home Burglary – When do Police Respond?

When Will the Police Respond to a Monitored Alarm?

Victims of home burglary report that they feel like they’ve been violated; that they no longer see their home as a place of safety. In these circumstances, it’s reasonable to want the reassurance of police officers taking up the case; you want to know that they’re working on your behalf to bring the intruders to justice.

Not every home burglary is attended by the police, though. If you’re away from home when the burglary occurs, you need to have a monitored alarm service in place for them to be alerted. Your Alarm Receiving Centre will contact the local police when the alarm is activated. The police will then attend the scene.

How to Set Up a Monitored Alarm Service

We all know how hard pressed the police are; for this reason there are strict criteria for anyone wishing to set up a monitored alarm service. Users are required to have their alarm installed by an SSAIB, or NSI approved security business. Their installer will register their alarm installations with the local police, and this will generate a Unique Reference Number. This needs to be used by your monitoring service when alerting the police.

There are 3 steps to setting up a police monitored alarm service:

      1. Get your intruder alarm installed by an SSAIB or NSI approved installer.
      2. Use your Unique Reference Number to appoint a monitoring centre.
      3. A list of assigned keyholders who can be contacted if the alarm sounds, (the police won’t attend without this).

Why Do Alarms Need Professional Installation?

Police statistics show that over 92% of alarms they respond to are false; normally the system has been tripped due to faulty equipment. No wonder then that the criteria for responding to intruder alarms are so tight.

With so many DIY home burglary alarm systems available at budget prices, it can be hugely tempting to install an intruder alarm yourself or get a DIY friend or colleague to do it for you. Unfortunately, this approach can cost you far more than having a system installed by an approved installer. A professionally installed alarm provides peace of mind that your alarm is tested and fully operational, and you’ll also be assured of remote monitoring.

Maintaining Your Intruder Alarm System is Important

When we install your intruder alarm system, your SSAIB approved Impact installer will ensure that every part of the alarm complies to the most recent British Standards. This minimises the risk of false alarms. In order to maintain the very high standards we work to, Impact recommends that our customers service their intruder alarm systems once a year.

We can schedule this service in, so you don’t have to keep tabs on when you’re due for a maintenance visit. An Impact engineer will call you to arrange a service, at your convenience, annually.

Consequences of Not Maintaining Your Alarm

The police will set a ‘response level’ for your alarm, which is determined by its reliability. If 3 or more false alarms are recorded within a 12 month period, this will result in a lowering of your response rate, and a warning to rectify the situation. If this does not occur and false alarms continue, there will be a complete withdrawal of service.

About Impact Electrical and Security Systems

Impact is an SSAIB approved local installer of burglar alarm systems in Bedford. We work with a range of sectors across Bedfordshire, including commercial, residential, retail and hospitality customers. If you’re looking for comprehensive security for your home or place of work, we call also install CCTV systems and access control.

Looking for the benefits that SSAIB approved alarm installation provides? Call Impact today for info, guidance, and prompt installation.