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Home CCTV Systems Bedfordshire

Home CCTV Systems Bedfordshire

Home CCTV Systems Bedfordshire

Let a Professional Install Your Home CCTV System

Consumers can now get a great deal on good-quality home CCTV systems in Bedfordshire – which is excellent news for your property, and your family’s peace of mind! For guaranteed protection against burglary and violent crime, though, the Impact team would urge you to get a professional in to install your system.

Professional Installation is an Excellent Investment

Did you know that burglars love DIY installed CCTV home systems? Why? Because they know that there’s a good chance that cameras will be poorly positioned, or that the settings are wrong meaning that images are blurry. Installing cameras in your home is all about deterring intruders and keeping your family safe – so invest in professional CCTV installation that’s guaranteed to be fully-tested for high-quality results.

Carefully Positioned CCTV Cameras Act as a Deterrent

Impact is an SSAIB approved home CCTV system installer for Bedfordshire. Which means that we carefully identify your property’s vulnerabilities in order to be able to position the CCTV cameras effectively. An intruder will quickly be able to assess from where your cameras are placed whether or not they’ve been professionally installed. If they have, they’re most likely to give your property a wide berth.

Achieving Crystal Clear CCTV Picture Quality

Should you experience a burglary, you’ll be looking to your CCTV system for good-quality images in order to identify the intruders. A professional installation guarantees that all the settings are correct in order to achieve:

  • Clear images.
  • Night vision.
  • No motion blur.
  • Effective angling of cameras (capturing facial images).


Impact installers will check your system thoroughly before handover, in order to be able to guarantee excellent results no matter the conditions.

Keep An Eye On Your Property – Wherever You Are

Smart home CCTV systems offer an added sense of security. A feed directly to your phone means that you can check-up on your property whilst you’re at work, on a weekend break, or sunning yourself abroad.

What could be worse, though, than finding that your system has been hacked and your CCTV is offline whilst you’re away on holiday? Hackers take advantage of DIY systems because the default internet passwords are rarely changed as part of the setup. A professional installer will always change your password and port number to ensure your security.

Fight Professionals With Professionals

There are plenty of opportunist burglars out there. They’re looking for an open window or an unlocked door to take advantage of. The intruders you really need to worry about though are the professionals who won’t be put off by a DIY alarm, or home CCTV system. Professional installers know how professional intruders think, which is why it’s worth paying for their services.

“Dean was amazing from start to finish with his advice and service. He came to see me the same day I called. Jordan who installed our system was fantastic too. From initial contact to finishing the job, took less than a week. Would highly recommend. This is a great company.”

Working With Impact Electrical and Security Systems

Impact is a local installer of home CCTV systems in Bedfordshire. If you’re looking for comprehensive security, we call also install alarm systems to keep your property secure.

Looking for the peace of mind home CCTV systems in Bedfordshire provide? Call Impact today for info, guidance and prompt installation.