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Home Security Alarm System Bedfordshire

Home Security Alarm System Bedfordshire

Home Security Alarm System Bedfordshire

4 Tips for Choosing Your Home Security Alarm System

It’s never been easier to secure your home. And yet research shows that less than a third of UK households are fitted with a home security alarm system? Which is odd, because the police reveal that around 80% of burglars are deterred if they encounter an alarm. So why, when alarms are so affordable, do so few people get them installed?

At Impact we have a theory about this. The lack of a home security alarm system in Bedfordshire has nothing to do with apathy, or lack of concern. Instead, it’s to do with too much choice. There are so many different types of system, and even when you pick one out you have to decide whether or not to fit it yourself.

So, here’s the Impact 4 step guide to choosing your home security alarm system:

Step One. What Do You Want It To Do?

Sounds like a silly question, but security is individual to each household. Is it just your house that you need to protect, or are there outbuildings containing tools, for example? Do you live in a close-knit community, or is your home quite isolated? Are you away from home a lot, or are you worried about an intruder entering the house at night when the family is asleep?

Step Two. What Kind of Alarm Should You Get?

Now you know what you want your alarm to do, you can decide on the kind of system that would suit you. There are 3 different types:

      1. Bells Only. This is the cheapest and most basic alarm system. If someone tries to force entry it creates a loud noise. For homes in close-knit neighbourhoods this may be enough to trigger action.
      2. Monitored Alarm. This makes a noise and alerts an alarm receiving centre. They will either contact you, a nominated key-holder, or (if the alarm was professionally installed) the police.
      3. Smart Alarm. Controlled through an app on your phone or watch, the smart alarm allows you to monitor your home when you’re not there, uses motion or heat sensors to pick up activity and provides reporting.

Step Three. Should You Fit Your Alarm Yourself?

At Impact we would always recommend that you call in a professional to install your home alarm system – but then, we would say that! Truth is, we’ve attended a number of homes that have been burgled simply because they thought they were secure but in fact the alarm was faulty.

With an SSAIB accredited installer you’re getting someone who knows their way around alarms and will position cameras and sensors to get the best effect. With a professional installer you also get a Unique Reference Number which means that the police will respond.

“Highly recommend Dean and team at Impact, our alarm issue was sorted promptly and service performed quickly and efficiently. Polite and friendly service from a local business.”


Step Four. What Extra Features Do You Need?

If you have pets, it’s a good idea to invest in pet-friendly sensors. Otherwise, you could have the alarm going off continually. Some alarms allow you to zone them, so you can have – for example – an extension alarm on but the main house alarm off. Finally, you may want to add in maintenance for your system – this can sometimes be carried out remotely – for ongoing peace of mind.

About Impact Electrical and Security Systems

Impact is a local installer of home security alarm systems in Bedfordshire. We can carry out repairs or maintenance on existing alarm systems or we’ll install one from scratch. All our installations are carried out by SSAIB accredited engineers and are comprehensively tested. So you know, at handover, that your home is secure and safe from intruders.

Looking for the peace of mind a home security alarm system in Bedfordshire can bring? Call Impact today for info, guidance, and prompt installation.