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Home Security System Installer in Bedfordshire

Home Security System Installer in Bedfordshire

Installing a Home Security System

A home security system provides comprehensive protection for your property, by securing a range of entry points. Your doors, windows and interior and exterior spaces will be protected against intruders – so long as the set-up is right. Impact is a home security system installer working across Bedfordshire and in this article, we offer professional guidance on getting the right system, and ensuring that it provides full protection for your family.

How do Home Security Systems Work?

When you purchase a home security system, you’ll find that it includes a range of components that work together to protect your home. The key component is the control panel which is the communications hub for all the different security devices. There are 4 different types of component included in the basic package:

1. Control Panel

This is the command-and-control centre for your home security system. It’s where you activate, or de-activate the system, which will normally require an individual password, or voice command.

2. Sensors For Doors & Windows

These are made up of two components; one is fixed to the widow or door, and the other is attached to the sill or frame. When closed the two components touch to create an electrical current. If the current is broken, this will trigger an alarm via the control panel.

3. Security Lights

These use motion sensors and are activated by movement outside the house. Instead of triggering an alarm, bright lights come on. These alert the homeowner that there’s potentially an intruder and may scare off an opportunistic burglar.

4. Cameras and Security Doorbells

CCTV cameras can be used internally, externally, or both, to give property owners a clear view of their property via their mobiles. Doorbells offer the same facility, allowing you to see who’s at the door before giving them access.

In addition to these basics, a home security system may include smart locks, pet sensors, and environmental sensors (for fire, flood, or carbon monoxide).

Cameras and Security Doorbells

Before You Buy Your Home Security System

Your home security system installer should ideally be involved prior to purchase. At Impact we provide a home security assessment. This allows us to take a look at your property and premises, identify the vulnerabilities that an intruder would want to take advantage of, and make recommendations based on this.

An Impact installer will explain where the CCTV cameras, sensors, and lights should go in order to provide comprehensive protection. We’ll also recommend additional security features if appropriate. If you’re uncertain which brand to buy from, we can provide guidance on which ones will best suit your needs.

Do You Need a Monitored Security System?

Homeowners have a choice between a self-monitored security system, and a professionally monitored system. A professional home security installer would normally recommend a monitored system, because it ensures that the police will attend if there is a problem.

There are 3 steps to setting up a professionally monitored alarm service:

  • The home security system needs to be installed by an SSAIB or NSI approved installer.
  • A Unique Reference Number will be generated which will allow you to appoint a monitoring centre.
  • A list of assigned keyholders will need to be provided, who may be contacted if the alarm sounds, (the police won’t attend without this).


DIY home security systems are self-monitored, which means that homeowners, or neighbours will need to alert the police to an intruder issue.

Maintaining the Performance of Your Security System

Once your home security system installer has completed their work, they will usually suggest ongoing maintenance to keep your system working at peak performance. Over time glitches can occur in the system which you may not necessarily be aware of unless it is thoroughly tested by a professional.

If you are aware of a problem, it’s always easy to contact an Impact installer who’ll respond promptly to ensure your system is working perfectly to protect you.

Impact is an SSAIB approved local home security system installer in Bedfordshire. If you’re looking for comprehensive security that you can rely on, call Impact today for info, guidance, and prompt installation – 01234 889038 or 07851 737116