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Intruder Alarm Installer

Intruder Alarm Installer

Intruder Alarm Installer

Professional Intruder Alarm Installer in Bedford

Installing an intruder alarm is, without doubt, the most effective way to protect your property from burglary. An alarm alone, won’t do the job effectively, though. When investing in a security system for your home or business, paying a bit extra for a professional intruder alarm installer is well worth it. That way, you know your alarm is thoroughly tested and, most importantly, correctly located for optimum performance.

Security Installations – Control Panel Positioning

The default position for the alarm control panel is by the front door. This is certainly convenient for family members – but it’s equally handy for a burglar. The deactivation window allows an intruder enough time to disarm the system, so long as they don’t have to go hunting around for it.

When installing burglar alarms in Bedfordshire the Impact team always recommend that the primary control panel is situated away from the front door. Then, even if you locate a secondary panel near the door, your main system won’t be immediately accessible to an intruder.

Security Systems – Positioning Sensors

Sensors are key to ensuring that effectiveness of your burglar alarm system. A professional intruder alarm installer will take care to:

      • Provide Comprehensive Coverage. Placing sensors on the ground floor but leaving other floors undefended provides a clear opportunity for an intruder. Every window and door is a vulnerability and sensor positioning has to cover all bases.
      • Recognise and Protect High Value Items. If you have items that a burglar might be particularly attracted to, they should be protected using carefully positioned sensors. Anticipating the intruder’s strategy is important when protecting your home.
      • Position Sensors Effectively. Motion sensors should follow the journey an intruder is likely to take through your home. These sensors are activated by a rise in the ambient heat of a room, so positioning should avoid windows, or heating sources that can set them off.
      • External Sensors. Thanks to wireless technology sensors can now be place outdoors as well as indoors. Positioning external sensors at the vulnerable entry points to your property can stop burglars in their tracks, before they gain entry.


    Why Work With Impact?

    Impact is a local Bedfordshire electrical and security installation business. We’ve built our customer network – largely by word of mouth – by offering excellent customer service, professional workmanship, and high quality work. If you have a job that needs doing fast, Impact will respond promptly, and complete the work to the deadline you set.

    “Dedicated, reliable and helpful. These are hard qualities to find these days but Dean and his team at Impact have them all. Thank you for your help. Already have and would recommend.” – Steve O

    We fit ‘bells only’, monitored and wireless alarm systems and we’re happy to offer guidance which one is right for your home or business. The Impact team is SSAIB approved and will work efficiently to pinpoint your property’s vulnerable entry points in order to create an effective security installation. You can trust us for fully guaranteed burglar alarms in Bedfordshire.

    If you would like to book an intruder alarm installation, or you need advice on what kind of alarm to fit, call our friendly team on 01234 889038