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Intruder Alarm System Installation Bedford

Intruder Alarm System Installation Bedford

Professional Intruder Alarm System Installation in Bedford

2.7K burglaries have been reported across Bedfordshire over the past year. Around the same number will have been stopped in their tracks, thanks to professionally installed alarms. As a leading provider of intruder alarm system installation in Bedford, the Impact team ensures that no opportunist burglar will get past our clients’ home defences.

What Does an Intruder Alarm System Consist Of?

There are five major components of an alarm system: control panel, passive infra-red sensors, entry detectors, bell box and the responders. In this blog we take a look at the part each element plays in deterring intruders.

1. The Control Panel and Keypad

This allows for the arming/disarming of the alarm system. We normally put it close to the door that’s most often used for entering the house. A unique code allows you to set the alarm. This can be done manually, or remotely using a fob. In the majority of cases, you can disarm the system with a fob before you enter your property.

2. PIRs

We all give off radiant energy, which is experienced as heat. Passive infra-red sensors are extremely sensitive to it and can detect radiant energy within a certain range. This sets off a signal to the control panel to sound the alarm. Pets also emit radiant energy but PIRs are normally able to override their presence by setting a weight allowance.

3. Entry Detectors

In addition to the PIRs there are two types of entry detectors that can be used to trigger the alarm if there’s an intruder.

  • Door contacts comprise a sensor and a magnet which are primed by being in close alignment. If the contact is broken, the alarm sounds.
  • Shock Detectors can sense vibrations that may be caused by an intruder forcing a window or breaking the glass. This triggers the alarm.

4. The Bell Box

This is the theatrical element of the alarm system. The bell box is large and easy to spot. When mounted externally on your house or business road-facing wall, it sends a clear message to intruders that you have secured your property. Once triggered the alarm makes a loud noise to alert you and your neighbours that there’s an intruder.

5. Responders

Any alarm system depends for its effectiveness upon the quality of the response it elicits. Impact alarm installations in Bedford offer clients a police response if their alarm goes off. The police will only respond to ‘confirmed’ alarms which have been allocated a Unique Reference Number. Impact is a certified intruder alarm installer, which means we are able to issue an URN with our alarm systems.

“Used Impact for an alarm system and some electrical work. Top quality service from Dean, from quoting to completing the job. Great communications, high standard of work, flexible, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.”

About Impact Electrical and Security Systems

Impact is a local installer of burglar alarm systems in Bedford. We work with a range of sectors, including commercial, residential, retail and hospitality customers. If you’re looking for comprehensive security, we call also install CCTV systems and access control for Bedford workplaces.

Looking for the peace of mind an intruder alarm system installation in Bedford can bring? Call Impact today for info, guidance and prompt installation – 01234 889038