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Local CCTV Installation

Local CCTV Installation

Local CCTV Installation

Local CCTV Installation in Bedford

Why install CCTV in Bedford? Well, the local crime states provide plenty of reasons. Despite the lockdown – or perhaps because of it – crime in the town and immediate surrounds is higher in 2020 than it was this time last year. The greatest problem appears to be Anti-Social Behaviour. Typical to this category of crime is trespass, graffiti, property damage, drug dealing and littering.

Anti-Social Behaviour can easily escalate into opportunist crime such as burglaries and vandalism. It’s also exactly the kind of crime that local CCTV installations in Bedford successfully target. Over the last 4 months many of Bedford’s commercial properties have been closed to business. Those with CCTV cameras are far more likely to be ignored by opportunist criminals. Why? Because the risk of being caught and convicted is significantly higher where there are cameras.

Types of Local CCTV Installation

There’s now a range of CCTV cameras available to suit every business, and every budget. At Impact Electrical & Security Installation we always carry out a security audit of our customers’ premises before recommending a specific type of camera. We take into account the quality of light, vibratory interference, and range of vision required before offering guidance to business owners.

Here are 5 of the most popular CCTV cameras we install:

  1. Bullet CCTV Camera. This is the traditional cylindrical camera with a water resistant casing. They tend to be used as an outdoor camera because they’re highly visible to criminals and good for long distance surveillance. The casing is resistant to rain, snow, heat and ice, and it protects the lens from rain and glare.
  2. Dome CCTV Camera. The dome-shaped casing is now a familiar sight in shops, restaurants and hotels. The dome camera is popular because it’s discreet, but it also creates uncertainty for would-be criminals. Why? Because they’re never sure where the ‘eye’ of the camera is pointed.
  3. Pan, Tilt & Zoom CCTV Camera. If you have slightly larger premises to monitor, such as a school, retail park or housing estate, this camera gives you full oversight. It provides 3600 visuals, and a high resolution image, so facial features can be picked out easily. There is also a zoom feature which means that you can home in on any suspicious activity.
  4. Day or Night CCTV Camera. Where you require round-the-clock surveillance, but you don’t have a consistent quality of light, this camera offers a perfect solution. Its extra sensitive imaging chip guarantees excellent images even if the light quality is poor. The bullet casing protects the camera from glare and rain, ensuring perfect vision at all times.
  5. Wireless CCTV Cameras. These have been terrifically popular whilst businesses have been closed. Wireless CCTV allows you to keep an eye on your premises wherever you are. The small, discreet cameras are quick to install, and the visuals can be played in real time on your phone or laptop.


About Impact Electrical & Security

Impact is all about keeping Bedford businesses safe whatever the circumstances. We’re happy to carry out a FREE no obligation security audit of your business premises. This will be followed up with recommendations which may include alarm installation or upgrade, CCTV cameras, access control or security lighting. We are able to install whatever security installations you require quickly and efficiently, and we’ll work around your schedule to get it done.

“Professional and competitively priced products and service by Dean and team. Had security lights and CCTV installed, very pleased with the work been completed, would 100% recommend.” Steve Ottewill 

Need eyes on your business at all times? Call Impact to find out about our range of CCTV cameras and professional CCTV installation in Bedford – 01234 889038