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Outdoor Security Lighting Installation

Outdoor Security Lighting Installation

Outdoor Security Lighting Installation

Outdoor Security Lighting Installation in Bedfordshire

Do you leave your house lights on when you go out in the winter? If the answer’s ‘yes’, then you’re not alone. Up to 70% of households in the UK feel more anxious about leaving their home unoccupied during the winter months. Around a quarter of us leave lights on timers, or keep a hall light on to make it look like someone’s at home.

The alternative is an outdoor security lighting installation. Security lights illumine the approach to your home (especially useful if you can’t find your keys) and expose intruders looking for a way in.

Where Should Security Lights Go?

This is a tricky question. Get the positioning of your security lights wrong and you could end up making a burglar’s life easier. There are 3 important rules to follow:

  1. Avoid Overspill. If your security lighting spills over into a neighbour’s garden you could find an abatement notice winging its way to you. Light pollution is an offence, so you illumination needs to be carefully controlled.
  2. Front Door Lighting. One of the functions of security lighting is to give you a clear view of callers at the front door. Take care to avoid creating a shadow over their face by positioning the light too high.
  3. Passageway and Garden Lighting. A side passageway or back garden are areas that can be particularly vulnerable. Take care when lighting these areas not to illumine windows or back doors, providing clues as to points of access for the burglar.


Manual or Sensors – Which Are Better?

The answer to this question will depend on the design of your outdoor security lighting installation. If you’re lighting a side passage, or garden area it’s probably best to use manual lighting. This allows you to illumine the area for access, but removes the potential for intruders to make use of it.

Sensors respond either to heat, or to motion (PIR) and are more effective for your front garden or driveway. They need to be carefully positioned to avoid constant triggering by passers-by and local cats but, if correctly installed, they’re a useful alert.

Protecting Your Home

At Impact Electrical and Security Systems we recommend the installation of security lighting as part of a comprehensive protective strategy for your home. On their own they can aid access safety for the family, and provide a security alert, but they’re not sufficient to deter a professional burglar. For that we would recommend a blended approach including a professionally installed alarm and carefully positioned CCTV.

About Impact Electrical and Security Systems

The Impact team is made up of security trained, accredited electricians. We’re based in Bedford and provide a range of electrical and security services across Bedfordshire. What’s different about Impact? We prioritise the customer. If you call us with a problem that needs fixing, we’ll be with you promptly, and provide a solution – in most cases – on our first visit.

“Excellent, appt arranged swiftly, arrived on time, high quality of work. Would highly recommend for any small/large electrical installation or security system. A quality person to have in your property, clear pricing and great value.”

Alex White

Want to know more about installing security lights outdoors? Call Impact today for specialist advice and a prompt response – 01234 889038