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Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor Wall Lights Installed in Bedfordshire

Over the past 12 months the pandemic has ensured that we’ve all got used to making the most of socialising outside. It looks like restrictions on indoor gatherings could be a few months off yet, so outdoor wall lights could be high on your agenda. The Impact team are particularly keen on outside lights as they come with a whole load of benefits, whether you have a garden or not. These include:

  • Illuminating your doorbell and front door – no more scrambling for keys!
  • Creating an atmospheric garden, and lengthening the time you can spend out there
  • Lighting up side passages used for storing your bike, for example
  • Helping to protect your home by reducing the places burglars can hide

Where Should Outdoor Wall Lights Go?

Of course, it depends what the purpose of your outside lighting is, but your should avoid overspill onto neighbours’ gardens. Light pollution is considered an offence, and you could find yourself dealing with an abatement order. It’s also worth taking care that you’re not making burglars’ lives easier by lighting up doors and windows that would otherwise have remained in the shadows.

Manual or Sensors for Your Outdoor Lights?

Sensors are triggered either by heat or by movement (PIR). At Impact we would normally recommend their use for wall lights installed in the front garden or driveway as these are the most obvious access points. It’s worth remembering that the front of your house may have quite a few passers-by, so the sensors will need to be carefully positioned to avoid constant triggering.

Manual lighting control is a wise choice for your garden or for side passages. This gives you control over when the area is lit, and denies burglars the opportunity for checking out access vulnerabilities. Many gardens now have their share of foxes – even in town centres – and they’re notorious for setting of sensor lights. So for peaceful nights, choose manual.

Do Outdoor Wall Lights Need Professional Installation?

As installers of security lighting we would always recommend that outdoor lights at the front of your house are professionally installed. This is because the positioning of the lights is crucial to them doing a good job for you. Impact engineers will ensure that your motion sensors catch covert activity, but aren’t triggered by cars or passers by. Front door lights need to be angled correctly to light up the faces of callers, rather than leaving them in shadow.

Then there’s the convenience of getting a reliable, professional installer to do the job quickly and efficiently. As providers of local electrical services in Bedford we’re always happy to carry out work that fits in with your timetable.

About Impact Electrical and Security Services

The Impact team is made up of security trained, accredited electricians. We’re based in Bedford and provide a range of electrical and security services across Bedfordshire. What’s different about Impact? We prioritise the customer. If you call us with a problem that needs fixing, we’ll be with you promptly, and you’ll have a solution – in most cases – on our first visit.

“Excellent, appt arranged swiftly, arrived on time, high quality of work. Would highly recommend for any small/large electrical installation or security system. A quality person to have in your property, clear pricing and great value.”

Alex White

Would you like us to install your outdoor wall lights? Call Impact today for specialist advice and prompt installation – 01234 889038