Professional CCTV Installers Bedfordshire | Commercial CCTV
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Professional CCTV Installers Bedfordshire

Professional CCTV Installers Bedfordshire

Professional CCTV Installers Bedfordshire

Looking for Reliable Commercial CCTV Installation?

Good security equipment brings peace of mind by ensuring the protection of your business even when you’re elsewhere. Great security design uses a range of components such as alarms, access control and CCTV to both deter intruders and create a secure environment for clients, suppliers, and employees. In this blog we look at the contribution professional CCTV installers make to the security of your business.

Impact Professional CCTV Installers Bedfordshire

Impact offers local Bedfordshire businesses professional installation on a range of CCTV systems, including wired cameras to completely wire-free kits. Most of the businesses we work with need a multi-camera setup, night vision, and the option to view playback on mobile devices. We ensure that your CCTV system will record continuously 24 hours a day, providing clear, HD resolution images that can be used as part of a police enquiry.

Our security engineers will:

  • Audit commercial premises and identify security vulnerabilities.
  • Offer guidance on number and positioning of CCTV cameras.
  • Advise on the kind of system best suited to their business environment.
  • Test CCTV installation in situ and provide a detailed handover.
  • Schedule in ongoing maintenance of system.

What Does a CCTV Site Audit Include?

Impact’s professional CCTV installers use a site audit to identify vulnerabilities on your premises that are not dealt with by your existing security system. If there are areas that offer unobserved access to buildings, for example, or undergrowth near to entrances, they’ll suggest that these areas would benefit from CCTV coverage. The audit also provides an opportunity to assess the number of cameras your premises requires.

Wired or Wireless CCTV Cameras?

If you have a large premises and are intending to install a number of cameras, we would recommend a wired solution. Unlike wireless cameras, which have a limited range of up to 300 feet without obstructions, wired cameras offer a more reliable signal and provide consistently good coverage, even if your premises has multiple areas.

With most wired systems, you can view images on your phone. Additionally, you have the option to connect a computer monitor to the recording device for real-time viewing of recordings and live feeds.

The Positioning of CCTV Cameras

Your Impact engineers will work with the business to create a comprehensive CCTV design. You may choose to opt for internal CCTV coverage, as well as external coverage. Complete visibility of business premises offers the following benefits:

  • Business Overview. An overview of your commercial site via one device.
  • Safety Monitoring. You can see where accidents happen onsite and use visual evidence to evaluate an appropriate solution.
  • Insurance Claims. A professional CCTV system provides excellent evidence for insurance claims.
  • Staff Training. CCTV footage provides a resource for use in training sessions.
  • Employee Monitoring. You can keep track of staff attendance and timekeeping.

CCTV System Checking

Our professional CCTV installers check every camera before handover. Business owners are guaranteed a system, therefore, that is in perfect working order. Handover will include a clear and detailed explanation of the system, and playback. This will include a demonstration and give plenty of time to questions and explanations if needed.

Commercial CCTV Maintenance

CCTV systems work 24/7 in a range of different environments. In order to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of their protection against intruders, regular maintenance checks are required on cameras, cables and devices. Our professional CCTV installers can schedule regular check-ups and maintenance, so you never need to worry about your system not working.

Impact – Professional CCTV Installers Bedfordshire

Impact is an SSAIB approved commercial CCTV installer in Bedfordshire. If your business needs comprehensive security that you can rely on, call Impact today for information, guidance, and prompt installation.

Are you looking for professional CCTV installers for your business? Call Impact Electrical and Security Systems today on 01234 889038 or 07851 737116