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Ring Doorbell Installation

Ring Doorbell Installation

Ring Doorbell Installation

Impact Provides Ring Doorbell Installation in Bedford

Sometimes it’s the smallest jobs that you need an experienced electrician in Bedford for. Recently I’ve had calls from quite a few people looking for a ‘Ring pro installer’ locally. At first I couldn’t work this out, but then I discovered that Ring sends out a ‘Pro Power Kit’ with their Video Doorbell Pro. It’s purpose is to ensure that enough power reaches the unit, but people were having real difficulty installing it.

I created Impact Electrical & Security Services to provide a reliable Bedford electrician no matter the size of the job. What makes us different from a ‘jobbing’ electrician is that we see ourselves as building professional relationships with our customers. So, we may be installing a Pro Power Kit today, but next year we’ll be fitting an electric shower for the same client, and two years on we might be rewiring the whole house.

Ring Doorbell Installation

We’re at a tipping point with technology right now. The vast majority of people living in Bedford have mobile devices and feel comfortable around mobile technology. So when they get a Ring doorbell that needs linking to an app on their phone, it doesn’t faze them. For a sizeable minority, however, the technology is alien and confusing. That’s where Impact can help.

All our engineers are Ring specialists, so we can easily talk you through the process, install the app on your device, and apply the settings you require for your home. We always take care to be clear, and to avoid jargon. There’s nothing worse than feeling that you’re ‘out of the loop’, so we take time to make sure that you feel confident with the technology before we leave.

Smart Home Installation From Impact

Every new gadget we buy claims to be making life easier. But installation can feel increasingly complex, especially when you’re connecting a range of gadgets to a smart hub. At Impact we can help with installing and setting up your smart home technology. Whether you’re creating a comprehensive security system using wireless technology, or utilising tech to help you regulate your heating, we can can provide advice, guidance or installation.

If you’re looking for some help with integrating all your different tech into one manageable system we can also help with this. Many of the clients we work with have older tech such as CD players, alongside newer digital assistants, and they’re looking for a way to rationalise all the different systems. All too often, clients are drowning under a spaghetti of cables; we can clear that up for you, and hide them from sight.

Working With Impact Electrical & Security Systems

As local electricians, the quality of service we deliver to our customers is key. That’s why we concentrate our work within Bedfordshire, ensuring that we can spend our time with clients, rather than travelling. We’ll always turn up on time, treat customers with respect, and provide high quality, transparently costed electrical services.

Looking for a local electrician to install your Ring doorbell? Impact is there for all your electrical requirements, large and small. Call us on 01234 889038