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Security Alarm Installation Bedford

Security Alarm Installation Bedford

Security Alarm Installation Bedford

Professional Security Alarm Installation in Bedford

Want to know the best way to protect your home? Ask a burglar. In a recent study researchers asked burglars currently serving prison sentences what would deter them from approaching a property. 83% said that they would check out whether there was an alarm. Asked what they would do if there was an alarm, only 13% said they would go ahead with the burglary.

Security alarm installation in Bedford will probably reduce payment on your home insurance, it may add value to your property. But the bottom line is that a properly fitted alarm system will protect your family, your business, and your pets from potentially violent intruders.

What Kind of Alarm Should I Get?

It’s a question we hear a good deal at Impact. And it makes absolute sense to ask a professional for guidance before you make your purchase. Here’s the range of options to choose from:

  • Bells Only. This is simply a ringer that makes a loud noise if an intruder is detected. The police won’t attend bells only alarms, so they should only be used in low-risk properties.
  • Wired Alarm. This is a reliable and robust system that operates on electric sensors, connected to a control panel. The system requires professional installation.
  • Wireless Alarm. Same as the wired version except it’s powered by batteries which connect with the control panel via radio signals. Not so reliable, and they can be hacked.
  • Monitored Alarm. A 3rd party security company monitor your alarm system. If the alarm is triggered the monitoring company contact you, and the police. Needs professional installation.
  • Smart Alarm. Controlled through your phone, watch or device. An app allows you to set your alarm, see CCTV footage and receive notifications. Monitored system.
  • Pet-Aware Alarm. If you have pets, you can now fit pet-friendly sensors that will ignore their presence, whilst remaining alert to the presence of burglars.

Ensure Police Responders

Impact security alarm installation in Bedford provides extra peace of mind by ensuring a police response if the alarm is triggered. A police presence is only guaranteed if your alarm carries a URN, or Unique Reference Number. As an SSAIB approved alarm installer, we are able to issue a URN with our security alarm systems.

“Used Impact for an alarm system and some electrical work. Top quality service from Dean, from quoting to completing the job. Great communications, high standard of work, flexible, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.”

Impact Installs Security Systems for Bedford Homes and Workplaces

A security alarm is a great starting point for your security system, but it won’t cover every vulnerability. At Impact we can advise Bedford businesses and homeowners on the range of security measures they need to protect their family or employees. We regularly install CCTV cameras, door entry systems and access systems for Bedford businesses.

Would you like to speak to a member of the Impact team about security alarm installation in Bedford? Call us today on 01234 889038