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Security Installer in Bedfordshire

Security Installer in Bedfordshire

Security Installer in Bedfordshire

What Does a Security Installer Do?

For Impact Electrical and Security Systems, our goal every day is to outwit opportunist burglars, protect local businesses, and give families the peace of mind that their homes are safe. For us, that’s the definition of a security installer in Bedfordshire.

How do we do it? That’s the interesting bit. We put ourselves in the shoes of a burglar and ask: Is this premises easy to burgle? If the answer’s ‘Yes’, we itemise the vulnerabilities and put a plan in place to close them down one-by-one.

What Burglars Are Looking For?

The vast majority of burglars are opportunists; they’re seeking out openings they can take advantage of. We’ve listed the 5 main things burglars are looking for in a property:

  1. Windows, Doors Left Open. It’s such a gift to intruders and yet people repeatedly leave windows ajar, or doors on the latch.
  2. Premises are Empty. Households with a daily routine are a blessing for burglars. Especially if there’s no sign of alarms, or CCTV.
  3. Regular Amazon Drop-Offs. Burglars will watch for Bedfordshire properties that take regular delivery of goods to their door – it’s a sign of affluence.
  4. Vans Parked in Drive. Vans often have valuable tools stored inside, so a burglar will watch for opportunities to access the vehicle.
  5. Sheltered Access. If you’re driveway isn’t on a busy road or overlooked by neighbours, you’re more likely to attract intruders.


Stopping Burglars In Their Tracks

Impact engineers don’t have to be particularly smart to stop burglars (although we are pretty smart!). They just need to be one step ahead of them. Here’s how we do it:

Professionally Fitted, High-Quality Alarms

These are the number one resistance to opportunistic burglars. When Impact engineers fit alarms for homes or businesses in Bedfordshire, we always put a highly visible bell box on the outside of the premises to alert burglars to pass on by. Any that try their luck will be met with a fully-functioning, tested system that can’t be easily disarmed.

Impact engineers are SSAIB approved security installers in Bedfordshire, which means that you are guaranteed a police response, should your alarm system be triggered.

CCTV Installation

A premises displaying CCTV cameras is far less likely to get burgled than one without. Burglars hate CCTV because, if the cameras have been professionally installed, it means that they can be identified, caught, and charged. Impact engineers are skilled and experienced installers of CCTV cameras that catch burglars unaware and provide clear imagery for the police.

Security Lighting

Burglars love dark driveways and alleyways that aren’t overlooked because they make crime safer. Security lighting removes this defence and is a powerful deterrence to opportunists. Impact carefully positions security lighting in order to avoid overspill to neighbours’ gardens whilst removing the cover of darkness that burglars need.

Working With Impact Electrical and Security Systems

Impact is a security installer in Bedfordshire, serving residential and commercial customers across the county. We advise businesses and homeowners on the range of security measures they need to protect their family or employees, and provide professional, fully tested, and guaranteed installations. For peace of mind – get in touch with Impact.

“Outstanding service from Dean and Jordan at Impact Security. Dean came out in the evening after work hours, to establish my needs in a security system and found an instant solution which was second to none, he provided examples and really produced a consultative approach to ensure I got the best option for me.”


Would you like to speak to a member of the Impact team about security installation in Bedfordshire? Call us today on 01234 889038