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SSAIB Approved Contractor for Bedfordshire, Installing Security Lighting, Alarms, CCTV & Access Control
Security Lighting Main

Well-Lit Exteriors Reduce the Potential For Intruders 

Whatever choices you make concerning your home or business security systems, a well-lit exterior is the foundation. A clearly lit garden or driveway acts as a deterrent to burglars who prefer to work under the cover of shadows. It also provides peace of mind for members of the family, or employees who may be arriving or leaving the premises in the dark. When used in conjunction with CCTV, security lighting vastly improves the quality of the images recorded.


Motion-Detection Lighting

Having your property exterior clearly lit throughout the hours of darkness can prove expensive. A more energy-friendly solution is to install lighting which responds to movement. Impact will examine your property for likely entry points, and place motion sensors at strategic points. Bright lights will be triggered if movement is detected.


Remote-Controlled Security Lighting

This allows you to switch on your external security lights as you approach the property, or in the event of hearing a noise outside. Whilst this system requires manual input, it still provides an element of surprise if intruders approach the house. It also offers peace of mind if your coming home after dark, or you need to leave the house to put out bins, for example.


Wireless Security Lighting

Smart lighting offers you a way to create a sophisticated security system that is controlled via your mobile, or your digital assistant. Battery controlled lights can be connected to your doorbell, and CCTV camera. The quality, colour and brightness of the lights can be adjusted using your voice. Impact electricians can design and install your smart security lighting system.

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