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Smart Home Security System Bedford

Smart Home Security System Bedford

Smart Home Security System Bedford

Thinking About Installing a Smart Home Security System in Bedford?

Traditional burglar alarm, or smart home security system? It’s a question the Impact Electrical and Security Systems team get asked quite a bit. Our customers in Bedford want to know is whether it’s worth investing in costly tech, or should they just stick with their bells only, or monitored intruder alarm. In this blog we look at what the ‘extras’ are you get with smart security, and a couple of the potential pitfalls.

How Does a Smart Home Security System Work?

You can now build your own security system by combining a range of wireless cameras, motion detectors, sensors, sirens and locks. Often these come in kits with the option to customise your system with specific gadgets that are compatible. All the components are driven by a ‘hub’. From there they connect to a mobile app on your phone.

Once it’s set up, you can monitor your home day or night, wherever you happen to be. A smart home security system allows you to keep an eye on the comings and goings of your children, or your pets! It provides a remote controller for your heating, your lights, and can even double as a baby monitor. There’s also the option to include a moisture sensor that will let you know if you have a leak, or your bath is over-flowing.

What are the Advantages of Smart Security?

First and foremost, it’s tailored to your lifestyle. If you have a vulnerable person living in the house, you can set up alerts so you know if they leave unexpectedly. Suppose you’re away from home unexpectedly; you can check on the house and schedule indoor lighting so it looks like someone’s at home. It’s a system that’s endlessly customisable, adapting to what you need over time. By comparison, the burglar alarm is a blunt instrument with only one function.

Any Disadvantages?

Just two things we always ask Impact customers to bear in mind when setting up their smart home security system in Bedford. First, preventing a crime is better than catching criminals in the act. We would recommend the use of external lights, or visible CCTV cameras to let opportunist criminals know that your household takes security seriously. Second, check out how many cameras and sensors your home will need for comprehensive coverage. Underestimating the cost of the tech needed is a common problem with smart security systems.

Is It Possible to Install Smart Home Security Systems Yourself?

Being able to self-install is a major selling point for smart home solutions, but it’s not always as cost-effective as it seems. We’ve seen a number of set-ups where the cameras or sensors are poorly positioned. There’s 3 key things things to keep in mind when setting up your home security tech:

  1. Sirens. These should be positioned out of reach. Otherwise they can be muted or broken by intruders.
  2. Security Cameras. Don’t position them facing a window. This could mean that any images of intruders end up being silhouettes and therefore useless.
  3. Sensors. These need to be positioned for maximum coverage and efficacy. Corners are good. 6-8’ up the wall is ideal as it avoids blind spots. Over the entry door is effective as it sounds the alarm before intruders have time to locate it.

Let an Impact Professional Set Up Your Security

Alternatively, you could get the Impact engineers in to set up your smart home security system in Bedford. We know the smart home solutions tech and we’re trained security specialists. Impact is happy to help with guidance on the type and size of kit you’ll need for your home, and advice on external preventative measures to take to keep your home fully secure.

About Impact Electrical and Security Systems

We’re a Bedford-based business with a growing reputation for being the go-to local electrician. Our accredited electricians can handle all your security installations, old school as well as the smart home solutions. If you’re looking for CCTV installation, burglar alarms or door entry systems give us a call. We’ll always give you a free, no obligation quote on work you need done, and we’ll turn up when you need us, not the week after next.

Would you like guidance setting up your smart home security system in Bedford? Call the Impact Electrical and Security Systems team today for advice and installations – 01234 889038