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Automation Systems for Bedfordshire Homes and Businesses
Smart Home

Turning Your Home Into a Smart Home 

Smart technology refers to appliances that utilise wireless communications such as 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, for example. More and more of our everyday home devices, such as the TV, doorbell, fridge or alarm, can now be connected to wireless. Impact can help with this process, by updating your existing speakers, or lighting dimmers to work with new technology. We can also install digital assistants to optimise your appliances, and fully automate your home.


Enhanced Energy Efficiency

There are now a number of wireless thermostats on the market. These allow you to control your heating remotely, rather than relying on your manual controls. You can set different operating temperatures, dependent on whether anyone’s home. Or you can set your lighting to come on if you’re out for the evening. Using energy only when you need it helps the environment, and lowers your bills. Impact can set up your wireless thermostat.


Security Peace of Mind

Impact can help householders and business owners to create a comprehensive security system using wireless technology. Utilising a range of customisable security solutions such as CCTV, alarm, movement sensors and video-enabled doorbells, you’ll have complete control over your property – even when you’re not there.


You’ll Never Lose Your Keys Again

We all know that ‘where are my keys?’ moment. Wireless technology puts an end to the fear of losing your house or office keys. Impact can set up remote locking and unlocking for your front door and garage doors. You’ll be able to unlock doors for other members of the family, or guests. And you’ll know who’s accessed the property according to the codes that have been used.

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