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Beyond the Alarm - Choosing the Right Installer in Bedfordshire

Choosing the right intruder alarm to protect your home or business is a crucial step, but it's only half the battle. The intruder alarm installer you choose is equally important. They're not just setting up a system; they're your partner in security, ensuring your alarm operates flawlessly and provides the protection you need.

Commercial CCTV Installed Across Bedfordshire

A commercial CCTV system is an excellent way to deter or detect criminal intrusion and theft in business premises. Catching thieves isn’t its only function though, many of our commercial clients are increasing the return on their investment by using monitoring cameras to improve productivity, reduce waste, and optimise maintenance management. Impact Electrical and Security Systems installs CCTV that can provide both criminal surveillance, and business monitoring. It’s a 24/7 system that works 365 days a year both inside your buildings and externally in surrounding areas.

Types of Door Access Systems for Businesses

The business premises in Bedfordshire that still use traditional locks and keys are now in the minority. Why? Because keys get lost, shared, or disappear in pockets when people leave. Rather than coping with the ongoing hassle of key cutting and retrieval, businesses are moving on to door access control systems as an efficient, cost-effective alternative. Impact Electrical and Security Systems regularly fit door access controls for businesses across Bedfordshire. They’re quick to install, long-lasting and – most important – easy to manage. If you haven’t had this type of security fitted yet, here’s a quick guide to the range of options available.

Home CCTV Mistakes to Avoid

CCTV cameras can be installed inside or outside your property, offering you complete coverage of your home. CCTV is also a significant deterrent when it comes to intruders. The vast majority of opportunistic burglars will pass by properties with CCTV guarding their property. The good news is that it’s never been easier to buy and install CCTV cameras for the home. What’s missing when you buy your home CCTV kit though, is guidance for setting it up so it will do the job it’s designed for efficiently. That’s why the Impact team in Bedfordshire has come up with 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Home CCTV.

4 Tips for Choosing Your Home Security Alarm System

It’s never been easier to secure your home. And yet research shows that less than a third of UK households are fitted with a home security alarm system? Which is odd, because the police reveal that around 80% of burglars are deterred if they encounter an alarm. So why, when alarms are so affordable, do so few people get them installed? At Impact we have a theory about this. The lack of a home security alarm system in Bedfordshire has nothing to do with apathy, or lack of concern. Instead, it’s to do with too much choice. There are so many different types of system, and even when you pick one out you have to decide whether or not to fit it yourself.

What Does a Security Installer Do?

For Impact Electrical and Security Systems, our goal every day is to outwit opportunist burglars, protect local businesses, and give families the peace of mind that their homes are safe. For us, that’s the definition of a security installer in Bedfordshire. How do we do it? That’s the interesting bit. We put ourselves in the shoes of a burglar and ask: Is this premises easy to burgle? If the answer’s ‘Yes’, we itemise the vulnerabilities and put a plan in place to close them down one-by-one.

Professional Security Alarm Installation in Bedford

Want to know the best way to protect your home? Ask a burglar. In a recent study researchers asked burglars currently serving prison sentences what would deter them from approaching a property. 83% said that they would check out whether there was an alarm. Asked what they would do if there was an alarm, only 13% said they would go ahead with the burglary. Security alarm installation in Bedford will probably reduce payment on your home insurance, it may add value to your property. But the bottom line is that a properly fitted alarm system will protect your family, your business, and your pets from potentially violent intruders.

Let a Professional Install Your Home CCTV System

Consumers can now get a great deal on good-quality home CCTV systems in Bedfordshire – which is excellent news for your property, and your family’s peace of mind! For guaranteed protection against burglary and violent crime, though, the Impact team would urge you to get a professional in to install your system.

Professional Intruder Alarm System Installation in Bedford

2.7K burglaries have been reported across Bedfordshire over the past year. Around the same number will have been stopped in their tracks, thanks to professionally installed alarms. As a leading provider of intruder alarm system installation in Bedford, the Impact team ensures that no opportunist burglar will get past our clients’ home defences.