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Types of Access Control Systems for Bedford Businesses

Types of Access Control Systems for Bedford Businesses

Types of Access Control Systems for Bedford Businesses

Business premises are notoriously leaky. There’s normally more than one entrance and possibly more than one building to manage. Few companies can afford to employ security staff to monitor the premises perimeter, so how can you plug those leaks and keep your staff and assets safe?

Access control systems allow business owners to restrict who enters the building, which areas they can access, and when they’re permitted to be there. It’s an ingenious way to build layers of security into your building, without taking on more staff. In this blog Impact Electrical and Security Systems introduces 4 types of access control systems for Bedford businesses.

1. Door Access Control System (Discretionary Access)

This is the most straightforward and cost-effective way to manage access to your building. The access control panel is situated by the main entrance door. In order to gain entry you have to key a code into a keypad, or swipe a keycard. This kind of access control is ideal if you have a small business located in one building.

2. Networked Access Control (Mandatory Access)

In a networked system all the doors in a building are part of the network which is controlled by software on a computer. Each door can be programmed according to its security level. Only employees or visitors with the correct credentials on their pass will be able to enter. Decisions made on the way the system is programmed and the classification of staff is down to the system owner.

This is obviously far more secure than the entry panel. The potential for sharing codes or passes has been eliminated, and every door provides a new layer of security for criminals to overcome. This system relies, though, on excellent administration. New members of staff need to be allocated their classification quickly, and exiting members of staff need to be removed from the system.

3. Role Based Access Control

This is the Rolls Royce of access control systems and is used by most medium to large businesses in Bedford. It is networked in the same was as the mandatory system is, but instead of classifying according to personnel, the system classifies you by job role. This makes the system much simpler to administer because there’s no longer the need to enter individuals and their security clearance.

4. Door Entry

This isn’t strictly access control but it’s an important component in commercial security systems. The door entry panel is there for visitors who can’t access the building using access control. It’s normally located on an external wall and has a call button and audio panel. This enables you to speak to the reception team, or security, who can buzz you through if you’re on their list.

About Impact Electrical and Security Systems

Impact is a local business providing high quality commercial security systems for Bedford businesses. If you are concerned that your business isn’t adequately secured, the Impact team will be happy to provide detailed guidance and recommendations. In addition to access control we also install commercial CCTV, intruder alarms and external security lighting.

Would you like to talk to one of our security engineers about which types of access control system would be best for your Bedford business? Call us today on 01234 889038